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Shiny self-inking stamps are ideal for marking the date on documents like invoices, mails, receipts and bills

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shiny self-inking Stamps?

shiny date stamps

Shiny Self-inking stamps are your best choice if you are looking for an adjustable date stamp. We beat others when it comes to cutting clear impressions at competitive prices in a very short time.

Date stamps, also referred to as daters, are ideal for marking the date on your documents like invoices, mails, receipts, bills and any other documents.

Our changeable date stamps are available in several different sizes and shapes. We have them in round, rectangular, square and oval shapes. You can also add on them personalized custom text to suit your needs.

Our self-inking date stamps require an ink pad to mark the impression on paper, which makes it easy to change the color of the ink by changing the pad. Shiny self-inking stamps are popular for their ability to make thousands of impressions without re-inking. They are also easy to operate.

At Goleza Designers, we shall make for you professionally designed self-inking date stamps with crystal clear impressions.

To order for a stamp, just visit our office in Kampala (see Contacts) with the details you want to put on the stamp, including logo if you have one. We shall design your dream stamp and produce it in less than 30 minutes. You walk away with it.

You may also send your stamp details by email. We shall still design the stamp and send it by courier upon making payment by Mobile Money, using the telephone numbers displayed in our contacts.

round date stamp

Code: R-538D / R-532D
Sizes 38x38mm / 32x32mm

round date stamp

Code: R-552D / R-546D
Sizes 52x52mm / 46x46mm

round date stamp

Code: R-542D / R-542D-T12
Sizes 42x42 / 41x41mm

oval date stamp

Code: O-3045D
Size 30x45mm

oval date stamp

Code: O-3555D
Size 35x55mm

rectangular date stamp

Code: S-828D
Size 33x56mm

rectangular date stamp

Code: S-829D
Size 40x64mm

rectangular date stamp

Code: S-837D / S-836D
Sizes 40x50mm / 30x45mm

rectangular date stamp

Code: S-827D
Size 30x50mm

square date stamp

Code: S-530D / S-542
Size 32x32mm / 42x42mm

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