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Shiny Self-inking Rubber Stamps

When you buy a custom self-inking rubber stamp, you reach a time when its impressions begin to get light or faint. What do you do? Most of our clients have always asked us this question. Unfortunately, they don’t do it at the time of buying the rubber stamps for us to explain to them. Many have ended up buying new stamps unknowingly to replace old ones when they’re still functioning well. As a solution to that simple problem, we are coming up with this post to address it.

When the impressions of your custom self-inking rubber stamp start getting light, it’s a signal that you have to re-ink it. Many times, re-inking your rubber stamp prolongs the life of the rubber stamp. Secondly and most importantly, your rubber stamp continues to make great impressions.

What Do You Need to Re-ink Your Custom Self-inking Rubber Stamp?

Shiny Stamp Ink

Shiny Stamp Ink

It’s quite evident that you will need ink to refill your rubber stamp. But what is not apparent is the type of ink to buy. One of my clients bought Pelikan ink for fountain pens from Aristoc Bookshop, and still, the impressions remained faint. Why? It’s because he didn’t use the recommended ink.

When buying ink, always make sure you buy the ink for that stamp brand. That’s when you will be sure that you have purchased the right ink. For instance, Shiny rubber stamps use Shiny stamp ink. If you use other brands, though they may work, you may fail to achieve what you expect to get.

5 Steps to Follow When Re-inking your Custom Self-inking Rubber Stamp

When re-inking your rubber stamp, use the following instructions. We have also integrated pictures for illustration purposes.

Step #1 – Push down on the stamp

Push Down Stamp

Push down on the stamp

To refill your custom self-inking rubber stamp, you first push slightly down on the stamp as if you’re going to make an impression. Make sure the top cover doesn’t bypass the beginning of the pad from the top. This action enables to release of the stamp rubber from the ink pad.

Step #2 – Lock the stamp

Lock Stamp

Use locks on both sides to lock it

As soon as you push down on your stamp, lock it up while holding it in one position. To lock the stamp, push in the two locks on both sides (usually they are red on most stamps). Locking it keeps it in one position for easy pad removal.

Step #3 – Remove the ink pad

Remove Ink Pad

Push the ink pad with your thumbs out

Pull Ink Pad Out

Remove the ink pad

To remove the pad, hold the stamp with your two hands and use your two thumbs to push it out. It will slide out from the back of the stamp for you to remove it completely.

Step #4 – Re-ink the pad

Re-fill Ink Pad

Refill the ink pad with recommended ink

Using the recommended stamp ink, apply evenly 10 – 20 drops of ink onto the stamp pad. Make sure you don’t put too much ink in the pad because it will make the stamp impressions unclear. If this happens, stamp on papers several times for the excess ink to reduce.

Step #5 – Allow time for the ink to absorb

Insert Ink Pad

Put back the pad after refilling it with ink

After re-inking the stamp pad, you need to allow the ink to absorb into it. Then put back the pad into the stamp and begin using it. As you insert the pad into the stamp, it’s important not to put it upside down. The ink side has to face down for the rubber to pick ink from it.


When your self-inking rubber stamp starts producing light impressions, don’t panic to look for money to buy another one. It’s still working. Just check the pad to find out if there is ink. If there isn’t, purchase ink instead and refill to continue using it. Re-inking your custom self-inking rubber stamp is one of the actions you perform to maintain it, thus prolonging its lifetime.

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