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Is the Mesh Design Wedding Card Good for You?

When you’re looking for wedding cards for your wedding, I am sure you want cards that will appeal to your guests. One of your first considerations will then be the design. The design you select is outstanding because it gets your guests into the mood of being part of…

Invitation Card Envelopes Creatively Designed to Suit your Occasion

Occasionally, we receive clients who want custom envelopes for their wedding invitation cards or other occasions. Getting these custom invitation card envelopes is difficult. The ones you find on the market, look-alike in design. They only differ in paper colour and size

Wedding Invitation Panel Cards – A Traditional Style with Modern Touch

Most of the clients we receive fall in love with our laser-cut floral wedding card designs. However, we get people who need simple but classic invitations in Uganda. And the number is now increasing. Most of these clients are from the corporate world. And this is why…

Pocket Invitation Cards – Things you’ll like about them revealed

Pocket invitation cards are one of Goleza Designers’ best-selling card styles in Uganda. These pocket style invitation cards consist of flat text cards, also referred to as panel cards, with laser-cut pockets in which they’re inserted to produce beautiful invitation cards.

How To Make Laser-cut Wedding Cards That Rock

How To Make Laser-cut Wedding Cards That Rock

One of the business ideas you could consider venturing into is the wedding invitation business. I have written extensively on how to start a wedding card making business in Uganda. If you picked an interest and want to make laser-cut wedding cards, probably this post …

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