Wedding Card Costs – How to Reduce the Cost of Making Laser-cut Cards

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Make Laser-cut Wedding Cards

Make Laser-cut Wedding Cards

A laser-cut wedding card costs more than a digitally printed card. And many couples in Uganda usually have a limited budget to afford them. It’s because the cost of making them is high. When making cards with Goleza Designers, there are two kinds of expenses to consider: making costs and costs relating to materials used.

How Making Costs Determine  Wedding Card Costs

The making costs include mainly cutting costs and labour costs. When laser cutting, time equals money. And this applies to not only wedding cards but also all laser cutting and engraving jobs. The cutting cost is, therefore, determined by the machine making time. The longer the laser machine takes to cut one single card, the higher the price will be for that card.

So in laser cutting, time is so important. If you take much time cutting an intricate design, there are other hidden costs. These are costs related to the wear and tear of the laser machine, especially the laser tube and the costs of electricity. It’s, therefore unprofitable and not cost-effective to run a job where you only end up pleasing the client without any gain. It’s one reason why a laser-cut wedding card is more expensive than a digitally printed card.

Labour Costs

Labour Costs

Secondly, the labour cost is another making cost. Wedding card costs are also determined by human input. It includes the time and effort taken to design the card. It also consists of the labour of producing it manually after the machine has finished cutting it.

How Material Costs Determine Wedding Card Costs

The second type is the material cost. To produce a wedding card, we need materials like card stock or card paper and wedding card embellishments. The cost of the card paper depends on its quality. Not all cardstock papers cost the same. Some papers are as low as UGX 300 (0.8 US dollars) while others cost UGX 500 (0.14 US dollars) or higher. The type of paper a client selects for their cards is one of the determining factors.

Wedding card embellishments are materials we use to spice up the appearance. They create an appealing effect on the card. They include mainly ribbons and buttons. The kind of card embellishment you choose also determines the cost of your wedding cards.

How Can You Cut the Wedding Card Costs?

Keeping the above costs in mind, we’ve discovered two ways you can reduce wedding card costs without compromising on the quality of the cards.

#1 – Reduce the machine cutting time

We use the laser machine to cut the paper and sometimes the buttons if the client opts for custom wooden card embellishments. With wedding cards, the more intricate the design is the more time it takes to produce a single card. Secondly, the more time we spend on cutting one card, the more laser power and electricity we consume. So the design you select determines the cost of your card.

Usually, detailed card designs take longer to produce on the machine. If you have a detailed card design, one of the ways we have discovered helpful in reducing the wedding card costs is adjusting it to suit your budget. How do you do it? It’s quite simple. For instance, you can remove the design from one side of the card and still it looks beautiful. By eliminating the design from one side of the card, you reduce the cutting time. Consequently, its cost reduces as well. Look at the pictures below!

Wedding Card Costs

Wedding Card Costs


#2 – Selecting less expensive materials

Wooden Card Embellishments

Wooden Card Embellishments

It’s quite obvious. The card can be of good quality, even if you don’t use costly materials, as long as your workmanship is excellent. As already said, the cost of the paper and card embellishments varies. So you have to select materials that will not turn your card to be expensive. And this should be done without compromising on the quality of the card.


Most people fear laser-cut wedding cards because of the feeling that they’re pricey. Yes, they are, but if you put focus on the above cost-cutting ways, you can find them comparatively cheap. At Goleza Designers, every customer we receive finds a card that fits in their budget because we guide them on how to reduce the wedding card costs.


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