Wooden Card Embellishments That Make Your Wedding Cards More Attractive

Wooden Card Embellishments

When we ventured into the wedding card making business, we aimed to offer uniquely crafted cards to our customers. To date, we have a wide variety of wedding card designs from which our clients choose. We customise these card designs to suit our customers’ personal needs. One of the areas of our focus is the creation of wooden card embellishments to spice up the cards.

These trendy wooden card embellishments are our innovation in the card making business. They are genuinely perfect card accessories and perfect for spicing up the appearance of your wedding cards. We cut them from wood sheets of 2.5mm thick.

Goleza Designers offers a wide variety of wooden card embellishments with a wide range of designs in various shapes. We also produce designs that depict images of animals, plants, birds and much more. These designs are crafted, on a customer’s request, with personalised messages that match any occasion.

Why did we venture into wooden card embellishments?

Anniversary Card Button

50 Years Anniversary Button

One of the reasons as to why we decided to create our card accessories is to kill the monotony of the imported plastic card accessories. As you know, almost everything we use in Uganda, we import it from outside. Surprisingly, some of these things we can also produce them locally. So we wanted to give our clients quality card accessories. And accessories that also have a unique appearance. Luckily, most of our clients tend to opt for them as opposed to the imported ones.

Advantages of wooden card embellishments

Wedding Card Button

Wedding Card With Personalized Butterfly Button

  • Ability to personalise them

By using the wooden card embellishments on your cards, you stand a chance to personalise. You have to pick the shape or design of your choice and then personalise it with either a name or any text and graphic that meets your personal needs. It is possible with all the wooden card embellishments we create. But it’s not possible with the ready-made imported card accessories you will buy from shops.

  • Uniqueness

When you’re looking for a card for your dream wedding, you need something that will make your wedding day special. Having a unique card with a unique embellishment makes your wedding card stand out. And one way of achieving this is by using unique accessories you will not find in every shop you visit because they are custom-made.

Wedding Card Hear Button

Wedding Card Personalized With A Heart Button

  • Giving your card a natural feel

Wooden card embellishments make your cards feel warmer and cosier. They also have a calming effect. Because of wood being a natural product, it tends to have positive effects on the emotional state of people. So by using the wooden card embellishments, you create a positive effect on the wedding mood of your wedding guests even before the wedding day.


Are you looking for quality and locally produced wedding cards? Goleza Designers provides you with a wide selection of laser-cut wedding invitation card designs. Spice up your wedding cards with wooden card embellishments to give them a unique and natural feel!

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