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Cake Toppers Made Near Me – Goleza Designers Limited

The implementation of the Buy Uganda Build Uganda (BUBU) policy in the 2020/2021 national budget aims at promoting products produced locally. Cake toppers are some of the products made near you in Uganda but which again traders import from abroad. That’s not healthy for

Goleza Shop – An Online Store for Engraved Products and Gifts in Uganda

Since March 2020, we haven’t been blogging for our readership. It’s not that we had gone out of blogging ideas and lost commitment. The reason was that we developed an ardent need to establish Goleza shop, an online store for our engraved products, personalised gifts …

Discover Where You Can Get Diaries Customised in Uganda

Every New Year comes with fresh plans in everyone’s mind. One of the items most people think about as the year begins is a diary. A diary is a record of entries where you describe what happens over the course of the day or another. Goleza Designers is a place where you…

Wood Engraved Pictures Make Excellent Gifts, Did You Know?

Engraving photos is a fantastic way of preserving your memorial pictures. Although we can etch images on various materials, wood is the most popular. Wood engraved pictures look so pleasant. Fortunately, timber is readily available in Uganda. We do not have to import it…

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