Discover Where You Can Get Diaries Customised in Uganda

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Where You Can Get Diaries Customised

Engraved Diary

Every New Year comes with fresh plans in everyone’s mind. One of the items most people think about as the year begins is a diary. A  diary is a record of entries where you describe what happens over the course of the day or another.

Goleza Designers is a place where you can get diaries customised quickly through a method known as engraving.

We use a laser machine that creates high heat during the engraving process that makes the diary vaporise. This method creates a permanent cavity in the diary’s surface that is noticeable to the eye and touch.

A branded diary makes a wonderful gift idea to your employees, customers and friends at the beginning of the year. We wrote extensively on the benefits of customising diaries in one of our blog posts. If you missed out on it, don’t worry. You can visit this web page on personalised diaries to understand deeply why you need to customise your diaries.

How Can You Personalise Your Diaries?

Where You Can Get Diaries Personalised

Engraved Diary With Company Logo

We don’t act as a diary-selling shop. But we offer the service of customising them. You can, therefore, buy your diaries from bookshops or stationery shops around Kampala and only bring them for engraving.

We charge a minimum of UGX 3,000/= (USD 0.81) for every diary we brand depending on the size of the layout and number of diaries. You can put your company logo, name, contacts and anything else you want to appear on them.

Which Different Types of Diaries Can You Customise?

Corporate Diaries – These diaries are also known as work diaries. They are books in which you keep records of your professional life, daily deeds, goals, milestones and experiences.

Travel Diaries – These are journals where you keep a record of the experiences you had on your trips. If travelling is your hobby or business, then you need a customised diary to keep track of the happenings during your journeys.

Pregnancy Diaries – In a pregnancy diary, as the name suggests, you record the personal experience of your pregnancy journey. An engraved pregnancy diary is a significant gift idea you consider for your wife or friend.

Health Diaries – If you want to keep track of your wellness history, then you need a health diary.

Where you can get diaries branded

Engraved Diary With Company Logo

Diety Diary – It’s a record of your pattern where you write your daily meals, the time you eat them and the nature of their balanced diet.

Secret Diary – It’s where you record anything of private nature that you don’t need to share with others

Other types of diaries include fitness diaries, academic diaries, religious diaries, dream diaries, creative writing diaries and audio diaries.

Final Thought

If you are looking for personalising a diary of any kind as mentioned above, Goleza Designers is an engraving shop where you can get diaries customised quickly. Just get in touch with us to do for you a perfect job.

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