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Welcome To Goleza Designers Limited

Unique laser engraved products, gifts and engraving services is the official website for GOLEZA DESIGNERS LIMITED (GDL). GDL is a private limited company formed to fill a niche in the laser engraving industry in Uganda. We offer quality laser engraved products, personalized gifts and engraving services. Our clients include individuals, NGOs, public institutions and private businesses. We produce everything using modern laser engraving technology.

We create a wide range of high quality laser engraved products from wood, acrylic, paper, rubber, tiles and plastics. We also use any other materials that can be cut or engraved on a laser system.

We can only be limited by your imagination. No doubt!

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Do you have anything you want to be engraved, cut or marked? Come to us! We will truly assist you. We produce the most precise engraving in Uganda. Secondly, we perform every job to the best of our knowledge and ability. We ensure that all our clients get satisfied with our work. Guaranteed!

Additionally, we offer responsive web design. We professionally create simple websites. All our websites are mobile user-friendly. They are fast-loading. Not only that. They're also optimized for search engines.

Visit us! Get value for your money! No tricks! No regret!

engraved products

engraved products

We offer a variety of unique, custom-made laser engraved products for personal and business use. They're also ideal for giving out to friends. They make wonderful gifts. Look nowhere else for unique personalized gifts.

Do you need unique, quality laser-cut products with beautiful designs? What we have in our store will certainly please you. No doubt! Try us once. You'll inevitably come back for more.

We imagine. Then design. And then turn the images into real objects. We create anything to meet your needs!

engraving services

engraving services

We offer quality marking, cutting and engraving services.

From the precision of our engraving, to the quality of our work, we beat most of our competitors. The speed at which we perform every single job we get is good.

We've the required technology, software and expertise to perform every job you will entrust us to your satisfaction.

Most importantly, we value our customers. We're honest in our business. Not only that. We're also reliable and committed. Our business is built on strong values.

thank you for visiting us!

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