Laser Engraving Services Offered

laser engraving servicesGoleza Designers Ltd offers quality marking, cutting and laser engraving services at moderate prices. We use modern laser engraving technology from the USA. From the precision of our engraving to the quality of our work, we beat our competitors.  We also beat them at the speed at which we perform every single job we get.

Secondly, we have the required laser engraving technology, expertise, software and materials to perform every job we get. What we believe in is to provide our customers with quality services. Our laser engraving is accurate, clear, and deep.

Thirdly, we have the ability to work on a variety of materials. Yes, any engravable material you bring, we can work on it. Whether wood or paper, tiles or cloth, plastics or cork, melamine or coated metals, glass or acrylic, ceramics or leather, marble or rubber, we can engrave on it. Our laser engraving equipment allows us to easily offer a wide range of high quality laser engraving services on them. Just find out from us.

Which Laser Engraving Services Do We Offer?

At GDL, we offer and not limited to the following services:

♦  Laptop Customization / Engraving

We customize laptop covers for individuals, private businesses, NGOs and public institutions. We personalize laptops with your own design, picture, logo or text. Laser engraving laptops is an excellent theft deterrent. The engraving is permanent. It cannot be removed. It cannot be scratched. When stolen, it cannot be sold. It cannot be used in public.

♦    Electronics Engraving / Customization

We personalize electronic gadgets like iPadsiPods, iPhones and Tablets for our clients. You want to be modern and fashionable? Bring your gadget to us. We shall customize it with unique text, styles and designs of your preference. It will look more appealing to you and to others.

♦    Photo Engraving

With our quality laser engraving, we can engrave your photos of great memories of your life on marble, wood, granite or acrylic. The engraving is everlasting. You will be able to permanently preserve valuable pictures. This will help you to create lasting impressions from generation to generation. Bring your memorable photos to us! We are professionals in this area. Besides, we have the right software and technology for photo engraving.

♦  Other Engraving Services

Lastly, we offer many other services. These include services engraving signage, labels, asset marking and much more. We can only be limited by our imagination. If you have any engraving job, just come to us. We shall ably perform that job to your satisfaction. Trust us. You  will move away satisfied.

In addition to laser engraving services, we also offer ADVERTISING SERVICES on our website. Our website attracts a steady and growing stream of targeted traffic. This is due to our vigorous online marketing campaigns. Order for advertising space online! Then send your advert to We shall place it on the page of your preference.

Laptop Customization by Engraving is a Great Personalization Idea

Laptop Customization by Engraving is a Great Personalization Idea

Laptop customization is a modification made to your laptop computer to suit your personal needs. Although each brand has its unique cosmetic design, there is little that differentiates your computer from others. It’s, therefore, one of the reasons why you need to give a custom touch to your laptop computer so that you can easily identify it in a crowd.

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