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Offering quality laser engraving services at competitive prices

Turning Images Into Real Objects

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Welcome To Goleza Designers Limited

laser engraving services offered with extreme precision and quick turnaround at competitive prices

Goleza Designers is committed to offer quite a number of laser engraving services. Our service line is growing consistently to meet our customers' varying needs.

With our modern CO2 laser engraving technology, we produce the most accurate, clear and deep engraving in Uganda.

We can engrave, cut and mark on materials like wood, acrylic, glass, leather, coated metals, marble, paper, rubber, tiles, ceramics, cloth, cork, plastics, melamine and any other materials that can be used on a laser system.

If you have any specific job you want us to do for you, just visit our shop, we shall ably perform that job to your satisfaction and make you come back for more. We work with precision and have quick turnaround and reasonable prices.

laser system


laser engraved signage

Laser cut custom signage is one of our main laser engraving services. We engrave and cut logos, dimensional letters, labels and decals you may need for your promotional and asset management needs.

laptop customization

laptop customization

We make it possible for you to give your laptop computer a custom touch with a unique design, logo, picture or text, which has believably served as an excellent theft deterrent to most of our customers.

photo engraving

engraved photograph

Have your photos of great memories of your life laser engraved on marble, wood, granite or acrylic to permanently preserve them and create lasting impressions from generation to generation

name tags

laser engraved badges

Our laser engraved name tags are produced with extreme precision: very sharp texts and high quality images. We create truly unique tags and badges to represent your corporate or business image.

electronics engraving

laser custom phone engraving

Be modern! Be fashionable! Have your iPad, iPod, iPhone, Tablet or any other electronic gadgets personlised with unique text, styles and designs to make it more appealing to you and to others!

custom stencils

laser cut stencils

Cutting stencils for use in various stencil projects is one of the laser engraving services we perform beyond our customers' expections. Look nowhere else for quality stencil cutting services!.

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