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Goleza Designers Ltd uses advanced laser technology to produce a wide range of engraved and laser-cut products. Custom rubber stamps, company seals, plaques, gifts, clocks, photo frames, pictures, key chains, earrings, buttons, and much more are among the items we make. Our only limits are our imagination and the tests and preferences of our customers.

Materials Used

We produce our laser-cut products from wood, glass, acrylic, rubber, paper, and other materials. We cut, mark, and turn graphics into tangible objects for our customers. In addition, we develop new products regularly to meet our clients’ needs.

This category contains all the information and updates about our laser-cut products. From the uniqueness and beauty of our products to the quality of our services, you won’t find better laser-cut products in Uganda than ours.

We make every product with high precision, sharp details, and clean edges. As a result, our products have a strong visual impact and appeal to everyone. Our unique selling point is the quality of our engraving services.

Furthermore, we use our laser engraving machine to produce high-quality products. We fabricate them quickly and sell them at a reasonable price. If you are looking for items with beautiful designs, our selection will not disappoint you. It is, without a doubt, excellent value for money.

Ordering products is easy. You can order products online. Alternatively, you can come to our shop in Kampala to order. Big orders attract attractive discounts.

The prices of the finished laser-cut products vary depending on several factors. First, we consider the cost of the material. Secondly, we also think about the time taken to produce the item. We, therefore, price our products based on job run time, the cost of the unengraved item, per-character engraved, layout charge, and flat pricing.

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