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What We Make

Goleza Designers Ltd offer a wide variety of engraved and laser cut products using modern laser technology. We create customized stamps, company seals, plaques, gifts, clocks, photo frames, pictures, key holders, earrings, pens, buttons and much more. Our only limit is our imagination and the tests and preferences of our customers.

Materials Used

Our laser cut products are produced from materials like wood, glass, acrylic, rubber, paper and other materials that can be engraved on a laser system. We cut, mark and turn graphics into real objects for our customers. Additionally, we regularly come up with new products to meet our clients’ needs.

On this page, you will find all the information and updates related to our laser cut products. From the uniqueness and beauty of our products, to the quality of our designs, you won’t find better laser cut products in Uganda than ours. 

We produce every product with extreme precision, sharp details and clean edges. This makes our products have a strong visual impact and appeal to everyone. Our unique selling point is the quality of our engraving services.

Additionally, with our laser engraving machine, we provide top quality products. We make them at the highest speed and sell them at a reasonable price. If you are looking for unique and quality products with beautiful designs, what we have in our store will certainly please you. No doubt! It’s real value for your money.

Ordering for products is easy. You can order products online. Alternatively, you can come to our shop in Kampala to place your order. Big orders attract very good discounts.

Prices of the finished laser cut products vary depending on several factors. First, we consider the cost of the material. Secondly, we also consider the time taken to produce the item. We therefore price our products basing on job run time, cost of unengraved item, per character engraved, layout charge and flat pricing.

Wood Engraved Pictures Make Excellent Gifts, Did You Know?

Wood Engraved Pictures Make Excellent Gifts, Did You Know?

Engraving photos is a fantastic way of preserving your memorial pictures. Although we can etch images on various materials, wood is the most popular. Wood engraved pictures look so pleasant. Fortunately, timber is readily available in Uganda. We do not have to import it…

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Benefits of Keeping Material Offcuts in Laser Engraving Business

Benefits of Keeping Material Offcuts in Laser Engraving Business

With many orders coming in from time to time, there are bound to be a lot of material offcuts. If you are in the laser engraving business, one of the lessons you should learn first is to keep these offcuts. In our laser engraving business, we buy various types of materials

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