Company Seals – Tips to Consider When Buying Embossing Seals

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embossing seals

Embossing Seals

Company seals are small devices used by companies, in which documents are put to be embossed. The word “seal” also refers to the imprint made with an individual design on a material like paper, which shows or proves that it has come from a person/company claiming to have issued it. In other words, the document is certified by the company/issuer. This imprint may include features like name of company, logo, official address and other texts, where needed.

Company seals are also commonly referred to as embossing seals, corporate seals, embossers, embossing stamps and much more. What they all do is to create a visible imprint. You can even feel the imprint when you pass your hands on the material that you have embossed. That’s how different they are from normal ink stamps.

Are Company Seals Necessary?

In some countries like Uganda, company seals are mandatory. But in other countries, they are optional. However, most companies opt to use them on legal documents for authentication purposes.

Companies use company seals on documents like agreements, minutes of the board of directors meetings, employment contracts, loan documents, bank accounts opening, membership certificates and other legal documents or commitments by the company.

Corporations adopt company seals and change them according to their need and upon the approval of the company directors. These seals are kept in secure places to avoid landing in the hands of the wrong people, which may lead to legal repercussions and loss of money.

Who Uses Company Seals?

Limited companies use them to emboss documents with their name and logo. Professionals like solicitors and notary publics use them to seal documents they have signed with their name. Anyone can use a company seal.

In Uganda, there is an increasing number of schools that emboss students’ exam reports. They do this mainly to avoid forgery by the students.

company seals

Company Seals

What Should You Consider Important When Buying Company Seals?

  • Shape

Company seals vary in design. The commonest design people use for seals is round. But there are square and rectangular designs. It all depends on what you prefer as per your taste.

  • Font type

It’s important to select a font style that prints clearly on paper. It should be a style that does not cut paper due to the sharpness of the characters.

  • The price

Company seals are expensive. But prices vary depending on the brand of the device and the size. Prices also vary depending on where you buy them. Caution! You have to be careful not to make mistakes just because the price is low.

  • The size

There are small-sized company seals as well as big ones. For instance, under the Shiny Brand, there are pocket seals, desk seals and heavy-duty seals.

When using pocket seals, you hold the paper in one hand and the seal in the other to produce an impression on the paper. They are handy and portable. They normally come with a plastic case that makes it convenient to store and compact to carry. They are good for companies without much embossing work.

Desk seals are relatively bigger than pocket seals. To emboss a document, you place them on the desk. They are good for companies with much embossing work.

Heavy-duty seals are the biggest. These, like desk seals, you put on a desk to emboss a document. They are more durable than all the other sizes and good for too much embossing work.

  • Security

Since people normally use company seals on legal documents, agreements and contracts, you should take precautionary measures not to land in legal issues that might lead to loss of money. That’s very important.

What Should You Do Then?

Make your seal with a recognized seal maker. This is an established business that minds about its reputation. It’s a business that will never reproduce your seal without your approval. It’s a business that will design it with features that are hard for others to reproduce.

But most people commit this big mistake. In Uganda, there are street boys, who grab customers, claiming to be cutting seals. They get jobs from you, run to the seal maker who cuts it. They return to you with a finished product. When you pay them, they get a commission. Where will you find again such a person? In case of anything, he is not liable.

  • Quality

Good company seals are those that produce clear impressions. This depends on several factors. First, it depends on the quality of cutting, which depends on the equipment used to cut. Good cutting machines are computerized laser engravers.

Secondly, quality depends on the material one uses to cut the die. I’ve seen seals with dies cut from acrylic. This material is for other purposes like cutting labels. The best material for making seal dies is Delrin. But one can easily give you dies cut from acrylic. You’ll use such dies for one year. Thereafter, they stop producing good impressions.

Thirdly, quality depends on the design. It’s professionals who produce good designs. It’s not just cutting.  It’s cutting to make a seal that will remain the same now and again.

Furthermore, quality depends on durability and rigidity. Seals reinforced with steel in their construction are durable.


If you are planning to make a seal for your company, get a seal maker that will give you what is value for your money. Generally, company seals are expensive worldwide. You should spend money on quality products. Besides, security is crucial!

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