Contoured Cake Toppers With 3D Effects

Jun 30, 2023 | Engraved Products | 0 comments

contoured cake toppersOften, we bring on the market new products and improved ways of doing things to meet our customers’ needs. Today, we are pleased to introduce to you the contoured cake toppers. These are toppers we laser-cut from mainly paper, plastic and even plywood. We have been for long in the business of making toppers for the baking industry. But the difference with this new design is the 3D effect which makes it more appealing.

Bakers now have an opportunity to add value to their cakes with this new designAnd everyone can celebrate their special events (i.e., birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.) with our in-house designed custom contour cake toppers.

How Do We Make These Contoured Cake Toppers?

plastic gold contoured cake toppersAs mentioned earlier, we cut them from 3 different materials: paper, plastic and wood. These toppers comprise two or more layers, each with a different colour. The varying shades help bring out the 3D effect, which makes them look unique and pleasant.

Currently, we craft them in a standard size of 14cm wide (approximately 5.5 inches). But we also make them in any size of the customer’s preference.

How to Order the Cake Toppers

contoured cake toppersUsually, clients first send the details they wish to appear on their cake toppers. We design the artwork and share the visual design for the customer to approve before producing the toppers. We allow one to two revisions. And we prefer to make the back-and-forth communication with WhatsApp for quicker service.

The price of the contour-outlined cake toppers depends on several factors. It depends on the materials used, i.e., paper, wood or plastic, with cardstock paper being the cheapest. It also depends on the topper size and the number of layers. A small cake topper consumes less material and little cutting time. Likewise, a topper with three layers takes more materials than one with two layers.

Final Thought

If you want to order, kindly contact us on WhatsApp – +256-772-327373.

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