Cake Toppers and Icing, Which is More Convenient For You?

cake toppersIn Uganda, the baking business is growing tremendously. And we’re proud to be part of this fast-growing industry in which we make custom cake toppers for hundreds of bakers. In this post, I would like to discuss two methods of decorating cakes. And these are cake toppers and icing. Which one is better for you?

Meaning of Cake Toppers and Icing

Before diving into the benefits, let’s first understand what icing and cake toppers are. Indeed, there are people out there, especially those not in the baking industry, who don’t know what they are. What about you?

Icing is a sweet, creamy mixture of sugar and a liquid like water and milk, which bakers enrich with ingredients like butter, eggs, etc. Traditionally, people have been using this method to decorate cakes for so many years. In addition to decorating the cakes, they also use icing to write a message on them.

On the other hand, a cake topper is a small-sized model or a cutout design that bakers put on top of cakes. Such cakes include, for example, wedding cakes, birthday cakes, graduation cakes and much more. In modern times, cake toppers have become more popular worldwide for the reasons we shall discuss later.

wedding cake toppersInitially, bakers used cake toppers on wedding cakes. And these were decorative figurines depicting the images of the wedding couple. In recent times, cake toppers have evolved to meet varying individual needs.

Why are Cake Toppers Becoming more Popular Nowadays?

Times have changed, and so are the ways people think. Yesterday, it was the icing that people used to decorate cakes. But today, it’s cake toppers taking over in different cultures across the world. And I think people have seen more benefits with them as opposed to using icing.

With Cake Toppers, you Eat your Cake and Have It too.

You all know that nowadays, a celebration without a cake is incomplete. But guests eat the cake and go, leaving you with nothing to keep. That’s true, indeed, with icing. But the good news is that the advent of cake toppers enabled people to eat their cake and have it too. Why? Because they can eat the cake and keep the decorative cake topper to maintain their memories fresh.

Cake Toppers are Reusable

birthday-cake-topperThis aspect sounds insignificant to many people. But if you’re in the cake business, keeping a topper for reusing it on another occasion is possible. Besides, it’s a cost-effective solution for people on a limited budget.

You Can Have Your Cake Toppers Custom-Designed

As a matter of fact, having a custom-designed cake topper enables you to be unique. It also allows you to have your custom message or design on your cake.

Cake Toppers are More Convenient

Traditionally, people have been using icing to write a message on a cake. However, the quality of the craftsmanship depends more on the colour/thickness of the icing and the baker’s writing skills. There are also risks of messing up with the icing. But when you use cake toppers, you avoid all time-wasting variables.

Final Thought

In conclusion, cake toppers have become more popular than icing. First, they make work easier. Secondly, they save time. Thirdly, you can reuse them if you have a limited budget. Fourthly, they are custom-designed. And lastly, you can eat your cake and have it too.

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