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Where to Buy Birthday Cake Toppers in Uganda

Living is a gift we all get from God. Your birthday is, therefore, a special occasion in your life worth commemorating. Many people the world over celebrate their birthdays with cakes and lit candles to represent the food and light of life. They also adorn them with cake

Have your Wedding Anniversary Cake Topper Creatively Designed!

A creatively designed wedding anniversary cake topper will surely amaze your guests. But you will need a professional designer to turn your idea into reality. Goleza Designers Limited is one of the makers of creative cake toppers from various materials at affordable prices.

How to Save Time Laser-cutting Multiple Objects

When I was a newbie in laser engraving, there is much I was not doing the right way. And I believe there are engravers out there who are like the way I was. One of the things I didn’t know was how to save time laser-cutting multiple objects. Before I learned the trick…

Wooden Extension Cables, a Creation of Two Ugandan Youth

One of our social obligations that are directly in line with the kind of business we operate is to help the youth out there to start their businesses. We do it in different ways. The first one is the direct support to those who have business ideas. And the second one is…

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