Have your Wedding Anniversary Cake Topper Creatively Designed!

wedding anniversary cake toppersMarriage is a life-long commitment and the beginning of the family. It’s not only a physical union but also an emotional and spiritual union. Celebrating your wedding anniversary is so crucial in strengthening your oneness and union. Couples do something special on their wedding anniversary to reaffirm their love for each other. Cutting a cake culminates such celebrations. A cake spiced up with a creatively designed wedding anniversary topper makes a significant difference on such occasions.

Why is a Wedding Anniversary Cake Topper Important?

What is a cake topper? It’s a small model that sits on top of a cake. There are various materials from which cake toppers can get cut, such as cardstock and plywood. A marriage anniversary cake without a topper is so lacking in beauty and message delivery.

Cake toppers represent a day of bliss and a day to remember all the years to come. A cake without a topper would surely not be a wedding anniversary cake at all. Some couples keep them as souvenirs, especially if they are crafted from long-lasting hard materials.

A cake topper amazes guests as it adds beauty to the wedding anniversary cake. It’s, therefore, a must-have cake accessory because it creates an effect on the cake which appeals to everyone.

Toppers convey messages to the guests. For instance, if you’re celebrating a 30-year wedding anniversary and you style your topper with the number of years you’ve been married, everyone gets the message clearly without again asking.

Types of Wedding Anniversary Cake Toppers

Goleza Designers offers 4 different types of matrimony anniversary cake toppers, which includes the following.

♣  Numerical Wedding Anniversary Cake Toppers

If you need toppers with just numbers representing the years a couple is celebrating, you opt for this type. The topper number shows  the years the couple has lived together in their marriage.  It does not have any additional messages. We craft the number in a unique and appealing style.

♣  “Happy Anniversary” Message Toppers

These’re toppers with only a “Happy Anniversary” message.  We usually vary the message by designing it stylishly to suit the customer’s taste and preference. The styling can either be with the font type or design. It can also be with both font type and design.

♣  Year and Message Combined Toppers

The “Year and Message Combined Toppers” comprise of both the number of years in marriage the couple is celebrating and the message “Wedding Anniversary“. Such toppers are more informative because they tell the number of years the couple has been together in their marriage.

♣  “Custom-Designed Toppers

custom designed toppersWhen it comes to the design ideas of the topper for your wedding anniversary cake, you can only get limited by your imagination. Your only challenge is to identify a professional designer to turn your idea into a wonderful custom designed cake topper for your occasion.

Final Thought

Remember that in order to keep your emotional union burning for years, you need to do something special in your conjugal life. And thinking about having a cake with a wonderfully crafted topper is an excellent idea irrespective of the way you intend to celebrate your marriage anniversary.

A creatively designed wedding anniversary cake topper will amaze your guests.  But you will need a professional designer to turn your idea into reality. Goleza Designers are some of the makers of cake toppers at affordable prices.

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