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Aluminum Asset Tags – Discover Quality Property Tag Makers in Uganda!

Most organisations, companies and institutions mark their assets by engraving directly on them. That’s ok and the cheapest way of identifying your assets. Besides, it’s convenient for small items like cutlery provided it’s professionally done and with the right tools …

Plastic Identity Cards – Discover Professional Makers of Identification Cards in Uganda

Plastic identity cards are identification cards made from a PVC material. PVC is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride, which is a lightweight synthetic plastic material, which people worldwide use in many applications. From construction to medical devices, from children’s…

Engraved Access Cards are Unique and Forge-proof. No Doubt!

Engraved access cards are an innovation in Uganda pioneered by Goleza Designers Limited. We make these access cards out of local wood with deep and accurate engraving. Wood, like “Nkalati” and mahogany, when engraved, reveals a dark burnt permanent contrast that looks…

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