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Aluminum Asset Tags

Aluminum Asset Tag

Most organisations, companies and institutions mark their assets by engraving directly on them. That’s ok and the cheapest way of identifying your assets. Besides, it’s convenient for small items like cutlery provided it’s professionally done and with the right tools. But the best and modern way of monitoring, managing, and tracking your fixed and movable assets is by tagging. Goleza Designers produces custom aluminum asset tags in Uganda.

What are aluminum asset tags?

An asset tag is just a label, which you attach to a property to identify it from others. Assets are a physical property that are either fixed in nature like buildings and machinery or movables like furniture and equipment. Aluminum asset tags are therefore metallic labels, which you attach to both fixed and movable assets for purposes of identifying them, inventory control, tracking and management.

At Goleza Designers, we make our asset tags from two types of metals: DuraBlack and AlumaMark aluminum. These two metals produce high-quality, engraving results. While DuraBlack aluminum is suitable for both indoor and outdoor asset tags, AlumaMark is only ideal for indoor property tags.

Why use asset tags instead of engraving directly on the property?

First, asset tags can accommodate any graphics. You can add any details you want to appear on them.

Secondly, our aluminum asset tags are suitable for automating your documentation and collecting information about asset utilisation, maintenance and repair tracking. They, therefore, enable organisations to effectively and accurately record and monitor their moveable assets as they move throughout an organisation.

Thirdly, aluminum asset tags act as a theft deterrent or prevention against property loss. Assets shared among departments often get lost easily and, sometimes, stolen. The use of asset tags with built-in security features help organisations to monitor and to have strict control over assets that are rarely ever in the same location. Additionally, they serve to deter theft of high-value assets in your organisation.

Fourthly, you can add barcodes to your aluminum asset tags to speed up data entry and minimise errors.

Fifthly, aluminum asset tags look smart on the property. They are thin and because of that, they stick so well on the asset.

 Who uses our aluminum asset tags?

Aluminum Asset Tags

Aluminum Asset Tag

#1 – Manufacturing industries

These need aluminum asset tags to attach to their heavy-duty equipment and machinery because they are durable enough to withstand the harsh environments existing in the manufacturing field. Tagging their assets helps them to monitor their equipment and machinery, especially during maintenance and repair.

#2 – Hospitals, medical centres and clinics

Asset tags help them to track valuable medical and scientific equipment.

Metal Asset Tags#3 – Educational institutions

Schools, colleges and universities have a variety of assets like computers, furniture, audio-visual equipment and much more. These need proper monitoring and tracking with the help of asset tags.

#4 – Governments

Government assets are susceptible to theft and any other kind of loss. For proper tracking and monitoring, government agencies need to rely on asset tags.

#5 – Utility companies

Utility companies like UMEME and NSWC in Uganda have assets like generators that need asset tagging to identify or locate them for maintenance operations easily. Aluminum asset tags are ideal for such assets because they can withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

#6 – Telecommunications and cable companies

Just like utility companies, telecommunication companies, too, need aluminum asset tags to enable them to effectively map assets, manage ongoing maintenance and streamline service delivery to customers.

#7 – What else …?

Many other industries use aluminum asset tags. We have only mentioned just a few in this article.


Aluminum asset tags are a great way of monitoring, tracking and managing inventory in your organisation, institution or company. It’s also a modern way of marking valuable assets. If you are looking for metal asset tags in Uganda, visit Goleza Designers to make your order at affordable prices. The quality of our asset tags will meet your satisfaction.

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


  1. maxwell

    Hi I want to tag my computers in a small size industry. I want something that I can personally deploy. What do you recommend and at what price? For a price quote, please get in touch through these numbers 0772-327373 or 0703-779889

    • Charles Kiyimba

      You can tag them with AlumaMark aluminium which comes in small thicknesses of 0.020″. You just have to send the details so that we can engrave on them for you to stick them on the computers or other assets. How many computers do you have?


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