AlumaMark Aluminum – Need to Produce High Quality Graphics on Metal?

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AlumaMark Aluminum

AlumaMark Aluminum

AlumaMark aluminium is another wonderful engraving material Goleza Designers has introduced in 2017. It’s a wonderful material because it’s the only metallic material that produces rich black graphics like photographs with high-resolution results. We are proud to be the pioneers in offering this great material to our customers. AlumaMark aluminium is ideal for indoor applications. For outdoor applications, we highly recommend DuraBlack Aluminum. This high-quality laser markable metal comes in sheets of 0.020 inches thick, equivalent to the thickness of the usual identity cards. It comes in various colours i.e. red, yellow, orange, green, blue, silver, gold, bronze and brass. Currently, we have two colours: silver and gold. This is because our Ugandan market is so much used with these two colours. Gradually, we shall introduce other colours to meet the various colour preferences of our clients.

What is AlumaMark Aluminum?

AlumaMark aluminium is a laser markable material that produces photo-quality images and high-resolution results on real metal without applying chemicals. It engraves black and comes in different colour backgrounds. AlumaMark aluminium, unlike other metals, isn’t engraved or etched. Instead, we mark it through a thermal reaction with the heat of the laser machine. And because of that, it’s possible to create lighter marks and halftone shades. This makes AlumaMark aluminium ideal and a great metallic material for creating photographs and detailed artwork. As already said, it’s a thin metal (0.020 inches thick). This also makes it suitable for use in many applications.

Why use AlumaMark Aluminum?

First, it’s real metal It’s not painted or metalized plastic. Are you looking for a real metallic material to use for your engraving job? Look nowhere else. Goleza Designers Ltd is the pioneer in offering this wonderful metal in the engraving industry in Uganda. Remember that metal has a high perceived value. Secondly, its photographic detail is superb Because AlumaMark aluminium uses a thermal marking process, not engraving action, it allows for very high detail to produce the most striking and high-quality results for photographs and graphic reproductions. Thirdly, no time wasting Unlike other metals, AlumaMark aluminium comes ready to mark – no sprays or additional processing required. This saves time. We can handle big jobs within a very short time.

What Do We Use AlumaMark Aluminium for?

Interior Signage

Interior Signage

AlumaMark aluminium has enabled Goleza Designers Ltd to create high value and high-quality products that you will rarely find with other engraving businesses in Uganda. Because of this material, we surely respond quickly to customized and one-of-a-kind applications that are difficult and expensive to produce using other metals. The following are some of the applications.

Interior signagethis includes mainly wayfinding signage, which helps to direct people from one point to another. Display signageideal for displaying items in public places like museums for informational or advertising purposes. Photoengraving – AlumaMark aluminium is currently the only metal that produces rich black photographs. If you want to preserve your precious photos on metal, we can wonderfully do it for you.

Property Tags

Property Tags

Barcode labelsproduces great results for labels or tags where you want to integrate barcodes. Asset tags – AlumaMark aluminium does so well for making quality asset tags. Its thinness makes it the most suitable metallic material to attach to any asset firmly. It also comes with self-adhesive for easy application on any asset.

Donor Plaques

Donor Plaques

Donor plaques – produce quality individual donor recognition plaques, which may include both photos and messages.

name tags

Name Tags

Corporate Awards

Corporate Awards

Name tags or name badges – ideal for making metallic name tags. Logos and photos come out so clearly and the products have a high perceived value. Custom Awards – we use Alumamark aluminium to customize awards in any way a customer wants.

Corporate Awards – AlumaMark corporate awards have a high perceived value. They are very good for delivering recognition with a clear message of excellence to high profile people.

What else …..?

The sky is the limit. When it comes to what you can use AlumaMark aluminium for, you can only be limited by your imagination. We have only enlisted the commonest applications just to spark off your imagination.


If you need high-quality asset tags, name tags, barcode labels, donor plaques, awards and indoor signage, Goleza Designers Ltd have made it easy for you in Uganda. Our newly introduced AlumaMark aluminium is the best engraving metal with the highest resolution results.  The engraving is so clear and you cannot find it anywhere else in Uganda.

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