Aluminium Name Tags Now Offered At Affordable Prices

Aluminium Name TagsAll along, Goleza Designers has been making name badges from acrylic. It’s not because we cannot make them from other materials. But it’s due to the fact that most of the clients we receive work with limited budgets whereby they cannot afford the more expensive aluminium name tags.

One day, we received a client who wanted name badges from a more durable material. We suggested to him Alumamark aluminium. He asked for a sample which we made immediately, and he was impressed. As a result, he ordered for 60 pieces of aluminium name tags worth 600,000 Uganda shillings (equivalent to 164 dollars).

That order opened our eyes to consider promoting name tags from Alumamark aluminium. This material is ideal for making fantastic metallic badges. It comes in different colours and adds a professional appeal to any attire. It produces high-resolution results.

How do we produce the aluminium name tags?

Aluminium Name TagsFirst of all, we prepare the artwork on the computer. After the designing process, we cut the aluminium sheets into rectangular standard name tag sizes of 7cm by 2.5cm using a metal shear. Then we cut the backing material using a laser engraving system. Usually, this backing material is acrylic. This process doesn’t take long because we use modern metal-cutting technology.

After cutting both the aluminium and backing material, we start engraving. This process takes a long time, depending on the size of the order. When we finish engraving all the metal pieces, we fix the engraved aluminium onto the backing material. We then fix the fasteners for mounting the tags onto the uniform.

There are several types of name tag fastener. The ones commonly used in Uganda are pin and magnetic fasteners. But there are also other types like pocket and position clips. Each one of them has advantages and disadvantages.


Alumamark and Durablack aluminium are wonderful materials for making engraved name tags. They make durable badges that look so appealing and corporate. If you have the budget, they are what we recommend for you.

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