Laser Engraving Photos Is Made Easy In Uganda with Modern Technology

Dec 16, 2016 | Engraving Services | 6 comments

Photo Engraving

Photo Engraving

Laser engraving photos is one of the most difficult jobs for most engravers in Uganda. And not every laser engraving business around Kampala is able to produce high quality engraved photos. Why? It’s because producing superb engraved photos requires having the right technology and software. Secondly, it requires expertise. These days, laser engraving photos is easier in Uganda, thanks to the availability of modern engraving technology. But still, not every laser engraver is able to produce good results because some laser systems cannot produce quality engraved photos. Secondly, the lack of the right engraving software makes it practically impossible to produce good photos. And the right software is really expensive. Success in laser engraving photos, therefore, depends on having the right technology and software to do the job. Having the right tools for the job always makes the task much easier. Secondly, success also depends upon the expertise and experience the engraver has to work with different materials. Expertise and experience are so important for one to produce high-quality photos.

Are Ugandans So Keen with Laser Engraving Photos?

Ugandans love photos. The truth. The studios across the country, both in urban and rural settings, receive clients.  And photography is surely a profitable business in Uganda. This is because human nature is to remember good times and great people in our lives. Apparently, photography is one of the most accessible mediums of capturing great memories of families and friends in all kinds of settings. However, laser engraving photos has not caught the eyes of many Ugandans. It’s only a few who have known the importance of having their photos engraved. Why? Probably because they haven’t known much about it. Additionally, those who know it consider it a bit expensive.

Why Should You Have Your Photographs Engraved?

Photo Engraving

Laser engraving photos may have several advantages. But let’s share with you just two of them.

  1. Keep your memories forever.

The first reason, why people embrace laser engraving photos give, is to keep their great memories permanently. Yes, a photo of a loved one permanently engraved on, say, black marble is so valuable because it lasts for life. And by so doing, you keep everlasting memories from generation to generation. Isn’t that great?   On the contrary, digitally printed paper photos last for a very short time. It’s hard for such photos to last more than three generations. Those that do last long end up losing their quality and clarity with time. Besides, they can easily get damaged.

  1. Engraved photos are a great gift.

The second reason for laser engraving photos is that such photos make a great lasting gift for generations. Let’s put it this way. For instance, if you engrave a wedding photo and give it to a newlywed couple as a gift at their wedding reception, you will have given them a very valuable and memorable present in their life. Such a gift has a high perceived value. And it will remain in their memories forever. If you have always been pondering over what gift to give to a friend, relative or colleague, an engraved photo can do wonders. It’s such a great gift that pleases whoever receives it. It speaks a thousand words.

Which Photos Can You Laser Engrave?

Laser Engraving Photos

There are quite many photos one can engrave permanently on various materials. These are photos you would wish to preserve for the future generation to see them. Generally, one would like to keep permanently photos filled with great memories of

  • Your childhood
  • School days
  • Wedding
  • Friends – these could be people or animals
  • Moments of happiness
  • Great people in our lives and
  • Important events

Which Materials Are Suitable for Laser Engraving Photos?

A single photo can engrave differently from one material to another. The choice of the material to use for engraving your photos depends on several factors i.e. cost, quality of engraving, durability. The most commonly used materials include marble, granite, anodized aluminium, stainless steel, leather and wood.


Do you want to preserve permanently your memorial photographs?  Laser engraving photos of your childhood, school days, weddings and other important events are a great way of keeping them from generation to generation. And Goleza Designers’ photo engraving skill is comparable to none in Uganda.

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  1. nuwahereza denham

    Thanks for moving us forward, am thankful for seeing my dreams happen in uganda.

    I am a student pursuing a bachelors degree in art and industrial design at Kyambogo University….. and this is my dream, being an engraver.

    • Goleza

      It’s really energizing to receive such a sincere appreciation from you. Your dream is a good dream with a lot of opportunities. You only have to remain focused, do what it takes to achieve your dream. You will succeed for sure. Thanks once again for your comment

  2. Stephen Obbo

    Can you laser engrave a pen?

    • Goleza

      Very much so.

      • Stephen Obbo

        So what’s your address and how does one get an item to you for engraving? Also what are the estimated costs of engraving a photo on a metal plate?

        • Goleza

          You can find us at Equatorial Shopping Mall, Room 607. Alternatively, use this email address to get in touch with me

          As per the cost, it all depends on the material and the size. Metal is much more expensive than wood. Just get in touch with us personally to establish what you really need.



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