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Through our laser photo engraving mastery, you can now preserve your photos of great memories permanently

Turning Images Into Real Objects

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photo engraving makes your photographs of great memories last forever

Photo engraving is so difficult that most engraving shops do not offer it as a service. Why? It requires the right technology, software and expertise.

At Goleza Designers Ltd, we are thankful that we've got all what it necessitates to produce engraved photographs of superb quality on a variety of common materials with confidence.

engraved photo

With our high quality photo engraving services, you can now have your photographs of great memories of your childhood, school days, weddings and so many other important events of your life permanently laser engraved on materials like marble, granite, wood, coated metals, acrylic, leather and so much more. Sure! You can also remember the good times and great people in your life.

laser engraved marble photos

A photo of a loved one, permanently laser engraved on marble, has tremendous value for you and many other people. It is worth a thousand words. Most importantly, it lasts forever. No wearing out as is the case with photos printed on paper. This helps so much in preserving your old or new photographs from generation to generation.

For instance, if you laser engrave a wedding photograph and give it to a newly wed couple as a gift at their wedding reception, you will have given to that couple a very valuable and memorable present in their life. They will always connect with you throughout their life when they look at it in their sitting room.

To have your photographs engraved is simple. You just come with your photographs (either as a soft copy or as hard copy), select the material and size for your project and the rest is done by us. Within a short time, your photo is ready.

For more information on laser photo engraving, please get in touch with us through the contacts on our Contacts Page. We will serve you to your satisfaction.

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