Photo Engraver – Why a Professional Photographer is a Perfect Engraver

Mar 11, 2018 | Engraving Services | 0 comments

photo engraver professional

Photo Engraver Professional

Most people view a laser engraving system as a difficult machine to use. But the truth is that laser machines have evolved with time to a point that you operate them as a printer. It’s as simple as taking your digital photograph and printing it on a laser, the way you print with a normal printer. The learning curve with the laser machine is on the artwork but not on the machine itself. If you’re a photographer, you can make a very good photoengraver.

A Photographer Can Make a Good Photo Engraver, Did You Know?

As already said, the learning curve with lasers is on preparing the artwork. A photographer is a perfect photo engraver because they know what makes good photos for engraving. Secondly, their graphic design abilities enable them to easily work on the photos in the design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator and many others.

Is Photo Engraving Profitable?

Photo Engraving

Photography has evolved with time to bring on the market new technology. If you’re a photographer, laser engraving photos is a profitable venture and a good addition to your photography business. Secondly, you can compete favourably if you offer a photo engraving service to your customers. The number of people who want to permanently preserve their memorial photographs on wood, metal or any other material is ever increasing. So, becoming a photoengraver in addition to what you already offer can turn out to be very profitable. It’s a great way of expanding your photography business.

Outsource your Photo Engraving Services If You Don’t Have a Laser System!

To become a photoengraver, you need a laser machine. Unfortunately, good laser systems cost a lot of money. Because they’re costly, very few photography businesses in Uganda can afford to own their own lasers. But this does not stop you from adding photo engraving to your current list of services. What can you do then? The best you can do is to outsource the photo engraving service. When you outsource your photo etching service, the start-up cost is low because you don’t need to buy your own laser. There are several laser owners in Uganda experienced with working with a variety of materials.  Goleza Designers is one of them. What you can do is a partner with us to offer the service on your behalf. As soon as you have a photo to engrave, you send it to us for engraving.


If you are a photographer, becoming a photoengraver is a very good profitable business idea. Just get in touch with Goleza Designers. We shall work out an arrangement to engrave for you some samples to display in your business.

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