Plastic Identity Cards – Discover Professional Makers of Identification Cards in Uganda

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Plastic Identity Cards

Plastic Identity Cards

Plastic identity cards are identification cards made from a PVC material. PVC is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride, which is a lightweight synthetic plastic material, which people worldwide use in many applications. From construction to medical devices, from children’s toys to water or gas pipes, and from roofing to cards, you find PVC in use. And making plastic identity cards is one of the so many applications of this material. It’s, therefore, a versatile material.

When we ventured into business, making plastic identity cards was one product line we started with at Goleza Designers Limited. We have made identification cards for organisations, schools, hospitals, public and private businesses. We produce IDs on high-quality White, Silver and Gold PVC material depending on the customer’s need.

Why Goleza Designers Ltd Should Be your #1 Choice for Plastic Identity Cards

There are many card makers in Uganda countrywide. Most of them are just in this card business to make money. But if you are looking for an identity card maker, it’s prudent to consider several factors before giving out a job. The following are some of the reasons why our customers love to make plastic identity cards with us.

Genuine Cards

First, our plastic cards are original (non-counterfeit). The Ugandan market is full of counterfeit products. And plastic identity cards are some of the products where most customers have ended up disappointed. Why? It’s because they buy from businesspeople who are just for making money. They sell the IDs cheaply, which finally become costly to the customer.


Secondly, Goleza plastic identity cards are durable. They last for over two years with proper handling. We safely protect them with a PVC laminate, which prevents the imagery from fading or wearing away with time. Most importantly, we give a warranty of one year to all our customers.


If security matters to you, then make your photo plastic identity cards with us. Why? Because we design all the cards with security features that no one else can quickly produce. Even when they attempt, you can still see a big difference. We include in the design security features that are not easily identifiable to curb possible forgeries.

Quality Designs

As professional graphic designers, we imagine, design and then create. It’s what separates us from many other non-creative makers of plastic identity cards. The quality of the final product depends on the card design in addition to the quality of the material and technology used. We always make sure that we produce clean and unique designs that suit your company’s corporate image. All our clients get satisfied with the quality of our cards because we do our work with expertise.


We produce our photo plastic identity cards with the latest digital print technology. Most card makers around Kampala use simple machines, which do not deliver quality images even if the design is good. Our machines can handle both high and low volumes with most features one would want to appear on their cards.

User-Friendly Process

Our user-friendly process enables us to do business with anyone when they are comfortably seated at home or in their offices. To order these plastic identity cards, you don’t need to come to us. Just use the internet. By communicating using email or WhatsApp, we can accomplish so many tasks related to the designing and ordering processes.

Just send us your card details, and we make sample designs to share with you. Once you approve the design, we then print a sample for you to see. It’s when we can get into physical contact with you. When you make the final approval after looking at the real card, then we produce the cards in the volumes you want and deliver them to you upon providing us with your local purchase order (LPO).

Ability to Handle Big Orders

As already said, our machines can handle both high and low volumes without compromising on quality. We can accomplish your order in a short period, including the turnaround time. Most of our clients have always got satisfied with the speed at which we work on their jobs.


Protection against forgeries of your cards is so crucial. If you make your cards with unethical business people, you risk falling prey to imitations. But at Goleza Designers Ltd, you rest assured of the safety of your identity cards. Nobody will ever come to us with intentions of forging your cards, and we accept. We are honest business partners. Honesty has, indeed, stood for us in business.

Customer Care and Support

We value our customers. Every customer counts. Whether you are ordering for one card or a thousand cards, we take care of you, and we give you the support you need.

Finally, as I conclude, our card prices are negotiable. Usually, big orders have attractive discounts. In addition to plastic identity cards, we also make engraved wood access cards and metallic identity cards. If you have any questions, please contact us or use the comment section below to ask your question.

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