Where to Buy Birthday Cake Toppers in Uganda

birthday cake toppersLiving is a gift we all get from God. Your birthday is, therefore, a special occasion in your life worth commemorating. Many people the world over celebrate their birthdays with cakes and lit candles to represent the food and light of life. They also adorn them with personalised birthday cake toppers which speak a thousand words.

Cutting birthday cake toppers from paper, wood or acrylic is one of the services Goleza Designers offers to small businesses in the cake making industry. We design, cut and deliver them to our customers all across Uganda.

Types of Birthday Cake Toppers

We offer 3 major categories of birthday cake toppers which include the following:

♦  Simple “Happy Birthday” message toppers

These are toppers we design and cut with only the “Happy Birthday” message.  Since we already have the templates in our computers, when a client makes an order we quickly make them in any amounts needed.

♦  Year and “Happy Birthday” message combined

This type of birthday cake toppers has the number of years a person is celebrating integrated in them, i.e. “Happy 5th Birthday“. When clients make an order, we design and share with them the artwork. We then produce the toppers upon the cutomer’s approval.

♦  Name and “Happy Birthday” message combined

Toppers in this category are customisable with the name of the person celebrating his/her birthday, i.e. “Happy Birthday Juliet“.  They’re also not readily available because the names keep changing with every customer.

 View Slideshow our Birthday Cake Topper Designs


What Sizes are our Birthday Cake Toppers?

Usually, birthday cakes on average do not exceed 10 inches wide. Toppers are relatively smaller than the cake itself. So the size of our birthday cake toppers ranges between 4″ and 7″ depending on the cake size and the customers’ preferences.

How Do We Make Birthday Cake Toppers?

When we receive an order, we begin by making sample designs to share with you. At this stage, the most important element is the selection of the perfect cake topper font type that is appealing to the customer.

We prefer hand-writing or script fonts because they look elegant with cake toppers. When selecting the font, we focus more on three important elements: thickness, beauty and legibility.

The thickness of the font is essential because it’s what makes the topper sturdy so that it can stand upright. Secondly, the font has to be beautiful enough to appeal to the client. And thirdly, it has to be readable for people to understand clearly the message.

The second step after selecting the right font is welding. The welding step involves joining one letter to another so that we can cut the topper in one continuous piece.

The last step is to cut the cake topper using a laser engraving sytem. It’s the best cutting tool for such intricate designs.

Final Thought

If you’re in the cake making business, you definately have to use toppers. You can partner with Goleza Designers to make for you not only birthday cake toppers but also toppers for other occasions.

To make your order, get in touch with us through our business contacts or visit our Goleza Shop to place your order online.


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