Wooden Extension Cables, a Creation of Two Ugandan Youth

Wooden Extension Cables

One of our social obligations that are directly in line with the kind of business we operate is to help the youth out there to start their businesses. We do it in different ways. The first one is the direct support to those who have business ideas. And the second one is through the educative information we provide to our readers on our website. This time, I want to share with you wooden extension cables, a creation of two young men Goleza Designers supports.

Read the story first!

Let me begin with the story of these young men. These two young friends, through their creativity, came up with the idea of making durable wooden extension cables to sell on the Ugandan market. They conceived the idea two years ago. They started cutting pieces of 5mm thick wood sheets and joined them together with wood glue.

Though their products were not good de because they lacked the right tools, people liked these wooden extension cables for their durability. They found them comparatively much better than the imported plastic extension cables commonly found in the Ugandan shops.

When they were searching the internet, they read one of our articles on the laser cutting services we provide. They contacted me on the phone, and I invited them to come personally to our workplace for further discussions. When they arrived, I was surprised to see two young men with such a brilliant idea. They wanted me to help them to cut the materials they use to make the wooden extension cables.

Take advantage of our social responsibility to build your business idea!

I didn’t hesitate; I offered to do it for them as a way of empowering them to make their business dream come true. What made them so happy is the amount of money I asked them to cut the four pieces of wood that produce one complete extension cable. It was unbelievably so small compared to the amount of money we charge to do a similar job for the end user. They got so excited that they gave me UGX 50,000 for no work done.

Yes, I did that because I wanted to support them to do business by reducing their production costs so that they could become successful with their business idea. Secondly, it’s in line with our social responsibilities to support the youth with their development needs. And we do it in line with the kind of business we operate.

They went back home. The following week, the two youths returned with wood sheets, the materials that make these wooden extension cables. With the materials precisely cut, they were able to produce high-quality extension cables most people will doubt that Ugandans make them. They branded their products “PETPAL”.  When you see PetPal wooden extension cables anywhere, know that they are products of these young men.

What are these wooden extension cables?

Plastic Extension Cable

Plastic Extension Cable

If you don’t know yet, these are electrical power cables with a plug on one end, and several sockets closed in a wooden kind of frame on the other end. They look similar to the usual plastic extension cords only that PetPal extension cables are made out of wood and have no switches on each socket.

What are the benefits of using PetPal wooden extension cables?

As already said, these wooden extension cables are 100 times better than the plastic ones you commonly buy from the shops in Uganda. When you buy them, you will enjoy the following benefits.

#1 – The first one is durability

If your problem has been the failure to find extension cords that last for a very long time, the solution is to buy PetPal wooden extension cables. You will use them until you get tired of seeing them. They are undeniably durable. No doubt.

#2 – The second benefit is that they’re strong

Wooden Extension Cable Materials

When you hold them in your hand, you feel that they’re heavy and solid. What does it mean? It means that the extension cable remains firm in one place, without moving anyhow, as you plug your gadgets into its sockets. They are suitable for vigorous usage.

#3 – The third benefit is the safety of your children

When you use them in your home, you are sure to a greater extent that electricity won’t shock your children. Why? It’s because dry wood does not conduct electricity. Dry wood is an excellent electrical insulator. Pet-Pal uses 100 dry wood sheets to produce their products. Secondly, they use hardwood – Teak wood.

#4 – The fourth benefit is that they’re eco-friendly

They are not harmful to the environment because they are earth-friendly. When you use these eco-friendly wooden extension cables, you are using a product that will not contribute to the air, water or land pollution. You are therefore making a significant contribution towards healthier living.

#5 – They’re customizable

You can choose to customise your extension cables with your name. It means that your name will replace the brand name “PetPal”. It’s is useful for safety purposes. It’s also suitable for inventory management purposes, especially in institutions and organisations. However, you will have to pay more for that branding.

#6 – Lastly, you benefit from having attractive extension cables

These wooden extension cables have a beautiful finish. They look natural and stylish.

Where can you buy them?

PetPal makes these wooden extension cables on order. You will not find them readily available in shops. If you need them, place your order. You can contact us through our business contacts to link you to the makers, or you can contact them directly through their Whatsapp numbers +256751501845 / +256753010624.

Please note this!

Goleza Designers are a partner with the makers of the wooden extension cables. We don’t produce the final product. Our partnership involves mainly offering cutting services to the makers of the final products and probably helping to market them.

Secondly, as a way of protecting the business idea of these two young men, we cannot offer the same services to any other person or client that comes to us to cut sockets for them. We shall instead ask you to go somewhere else; and most likely, you will find it costly.


Are you tired of using the extension cords made from plastic? Have you had issues with them? The solution is to try out PetPal wooden extension cables. The makers of these extension cables created them after looking at the problems people had with the plastic ones. They made to meet your needs for durability, safety, strength and much more.

Do you have any question? Use the comment section below to ask your question!

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


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