Laptop Engraving, an Excellent Theft Deterrent

Mar 6, 2016 | Engraving Services | 2 comments

laptop personalizationLaptop engraving is an excellent theft deterrent. Laptops are stolen now and again. Thugs pick them from places like cars, offices and homes. They also forcefully steal them from people walking. Believe me or not, losing a laptop is a traumatizing experience.

When thugs steal laptops, they take them to people’s shops for reselling. The majority of people who steal computers sell them in electronics shops. A few use them. Surprisingly, you can even find yourself buying the same laptop unknowingly.  Why?  All laptops of the same brand are similar.

For instance, all Dell computers look alike. You can only differentiate them by a serial number that is hidden at the bottom. Besides, most people don’t bother to keep a record of that. Even if you did, will you go checking in every shop? I have seen students in universities selling laptops bought by their parents.

If you are a parent, the solution to that is laptop engraving. Engrave it before giving it to your child. In big organizations or institutions, bad workers steal them for personal use. Others exchange good computers with bad ones. Why? They are not marked. So it’s hard to know. The medicine to that is to think laptop engraving.

At Goleza Designers Ltd, we offer laptop engraving services at very affordable prices. The cost depends on the size of the area you want to be engraved. It also depends on the layout you want to put on it. The cost should not scare you at all. It’s just not more than 2% of the price of a new computer.

Our laptop engraving services are the best in Uganda. We use modern laser engraving technology from the USA to create a permanent crystal clear mark on your computer that appeals to anyone. It can never be removed. It’s so visible even from a distance. It looks beautiful. Laptop engraving is done in various ways. You can customize your laptop with your design, company logo, clipart and text. Different materials produce different results. We are professional engravers. We always produce the best results for our customers.

laptop engraving

What are the advantages of laser laptop engraving?

  1. Theft-deterrent. As explained above, laptop engraving stops thieves from picking up your computer. When they steal it, they cannot sell it again. It’s hard to use them in public places. Why? It’s because they can never remove the engraved mark. It’s permanent. The chances of getting the thief are therefore high.
  2. Customization. Laser laptop engraving enables you to customize or personalize your computer. You make it unique and different from others by giving it a custom touch. It, therefore, becomes easy to identify. We can also engrave laptops from organizations or institutions with hidden barcodes for better inventory management.
  3. Beauty. Laser engraved laptops look so beautiful. They look attractive and refreshing.

The disadvantage of Laptop Engraving

It’s had to sell an engraved laptop again. If you intend to resell it after some time, the chances of buying it with a personalized mark are minimal. Sometimes, organizations dispose of used items and this can be pretty hard with engraved computers. Finally, I would like to remind you that do not wait for the misfortune of losing your laptop to thieves to happen to you. Customize your computer! Think laptop engraving now! And do it with professionals for better results.


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    • Goleza

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