Personalized Diaries Are a Good Gift Idea at the Beginning of the Year

Personalized Diaries

Personalised diaries can make a fantastic gift idea to friends, your employees or customers. Most people carry these diaries for records purposes. People use them for various reasons. And there are different types of diaries such as travel diaries, food diaries, personal writing diaries, workout diaries and others. In Uganda, not many people know that personalised diaries make an excellent gift.

What are personalised diaries?

These are diaries made for a particular individual. You can personalise a diary with someone’s name, business name and logo to make it more personal. For instance, organisations and businesses personalise diaries of their staff with a name and place of work.

Suppliers of diaries do not sell them with people’s names, business name and logo. They come when they are blank with just a year written on them.  But if you want to customise them, you add on them a name and other needed information. At Goleza Designers Limited, this is one of the laser engraving services we offer with expertise.

If you are pondering over what New Year gift to give to your friends, think about giving them personalised diaries. You can also give them to your employees as an employer. What about your customers if you are in business? Still, personalised diaries are such a fantastic gift idea. You can use them to appreciate your clients for giving you the business. Just buy blank diaries and customise them with your business name and the name of the person to whom you intend to give the diary.

Why are customised diaries an excellent gift idea?

First, personalised diaries excite everyone who receives them. A diary is a small thing that does not cost much money. But when you customise it, it becomes an expensive item. Besides, it becomes a valuable asset. Just imagine how you feel upon receiving an engraved diary from a friend, personalised with your name. The way you feel is the way others do, mainly if they use them in their day-to-day life.

Secondly, personalised diaries bring a sense of belonging and attachment. For instance, if you are an employer and you give personalised diaries to your employees, they get to connect with you well. They feel you care. Additionally, they think they belong to your organisation. They are small things, yes. But they play an essential role in motivating your employees.

Which other benefits of giving out personalised diaries?

Apart from the reasons given above, personalising your diaries is helpful for the brand improvement of your organisation and business.

They can promote your recognition. Everyone who looks at it gets to recognise your business or organisation. It’s right in marketing because it makes people remember. And in business, people tend to do business with those they are familiar with as quality providers.

Secondly, personalised diaries add value to your organisation/ business. For instance, big companies like Coca Cola carry a big name worldwide, which is more than the entire assets they have in the company. Why? It’s because through branding everything they use in business speaks loudly everywhere they do business.

Thirdly customised diaries may help you to connect with your customers/employees emotionally. It is essential in maintaining good relationships with them.

Which method can you use to personalise your diaries?

There are several methods of personalising diaries. They include screen printing, hot-stamping, embossing / debossing and engraving. At Goleza Designers Ltd, we do engrave using a laser engraving machine. Engraving, when done correctly, produces quality impressions that please everyone, hence increasing the value of your diaries. It makes the journal a perfect New Year gift.

We engrave on all the materials that make up the diary covers like leather, fabric and PVC. On all these materials, we do a perfect job with precise crystal engraving. Secondly, the speed at which we do the work irrespective of the numbers involved is excellent. Last but not least, our engraving charges are at the very minimum and negotiable.


Are you searching for a gift idea to give to your friends, employees or clients?  Think about personalised diaries. Just move to any stationary shop, buy the number of journals you need and come to Goleza Designers Ltd for personalising them with a laser.  We shall do a perfect job for you at unbeatable prices.

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!


  1. Aphua

    I need a customised daily for my loved one. Please inbox in on my mail for details

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Please reach us on WhatsApp +256772327373

  2. Truth

    Smart phones and tablets have taken over. Some call it digital disruption.

    • Goleza

      Yes, it’s true that technology is changing the way we are used to do things. But in developing countries like Uganda this change is slow. The diary is still being used by most people.



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