Engraved Keepsake, a great Gift for all Occasions

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Engraved Keepsake

People scratch their heads for memorable gifts to give to friends and relatives. A few know that an engraved keepsake makes a great gift idea on occasions like Valentine’s Day, wedding, birthday, anniversary and much more. It’s a valuable gift because it’s memorable and appeals to everyone. Next time you have to give a gift, think about making an engraved keepsake. It’s a simple and small gift, but it beats many other gifts most people give.

What is An Engraved Keepsake?

A keepsake is a small present, usually not expensive, that is given to you by someone so that you will remember that person. There are various kinds of keepsakes. But at Goleza Designers, we engrave our keepsakes from materials like wood and Perspex.

Engraved Lasting Memories

Engraved Lasting Memories

We have introduced two types of keepsakes: the Heart Engraved Keepsake and the Postcard Engraved Keepsake. We first tested them on Valentine’s Day, and the feedback we received from our customers was excellent. The heart symbolizes love in many communities. Our Heart Engraved Keepsake is therefore suitable for giving as a gift to the people you love. Secondly, people use postcards to send quick messages to friends. So you can use our Postcard Engraved Keepsake to post your thoughtful message to your friends.

valentines day gift

Heart-Shaped Keepsake

Why Choose Giving Out an Engraved Keepsake?

First, it makes a surprise to the receiver. Most people get excited about getting such a gift because it’s appealing and unique. Secondly, it’s a memorable gift. When you give it to someone, they remember you forever. They keep it in their homes or offices and remember you each time they look at it. It’s, therefore, a good gift that helps you maintain lasting relationships with your friends.

Engraved Keepsake

Wooden Keepsake

Thirdly, it carries a special message and is usually a thoughtful message with a lot of meaning. It means one took the time and commitment to make such a gift. Fourthly, it’s versatile. You can give it as a gift on various occasions in someone’s life. I made engraved keepsakes for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, Valentine’s, anniversaries, congratulations and much more. You can style the message differently to suit the occasion. Fifthly, you can add photos. An engraved keepsake with someone’s photo speaks a thousand words.


Are you looking for something simple to give as a special gift to your friends, colleagues or relatives? Look nowhere else. Just get in touch with us. We shall professionally make a unique engraved keepsake at a reasonable cost.

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