Memorable Gift – How to Make a Gift You Will Always Be Remembered For

memorable gift

We all have ever given a gift to someone. You could have ever given a gift to a friend, a colleague or a family member. But was it a memorable gift?

While you’re still pondering over which memorable gift you have ever given to someone, let’s also reflect on why people give presents. People give presents mainly to make others happy. And these are people you care about and love.

Secondly, people give gifts as a culture or custom. In Uganda, gift-giving is so much noticeable at weddings and graduation ceremonies. One feels out of place attending a wedding reception without a gift to give to the newlywed couple. A few Ugandans, particularly the educated ones, offer presents on occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and much more.

Always Think to Give a Memorable Gift

It’s prudent to offer a great present whether you give your gift to make others happy or as a culture. The question is, “Do you know how to make a memorable gift?” Not knowing what it is? Right. Let me try to explain what it is. By memorable gift, I mean a gift you give to a friend, and that friend of yours remembers you forever. Whenever they look at it, they remember you.

A memorable gift does not have to be expensive because its price does not measure it. It doesn’t have to be always big because its size never measures it. Is that right? A memorable gift is a true gift measured by its meaning. And sometimes, its purpose is closely associated with its usefulness.

How Do You Then Make a Memorable Gift?

I know not everyone is good at giving great gifts. If you are good at it, then you are lucky. Probably you are among those people with a natural talent for providing memorable gifts to others. But the majority of people don’t know how to go about it. There are even those that have never given a gift to someone. If you are one of them, this post is for you.

Before we can go any further, let me clarify that giving a great gift requires creativity. It’s a trick that turns a simple ordinary present into a unique and memorable gift. Creativity and uniqueness are vital ingredients in making great gifts. And later in this article, I will share with you some of the gift ideas you can build on. Let’s now focus on the three steps of making extraordinary, unforgettable and meaningful gifts. They include the following:

♦ Understand first the person to whom you intend to give the present.

♦ Give a personal touch to the present.

♦ Package it well before you present it.

Understanding the Person to Whom You Intend to Give the Gift

In life, there are numerous celebrations. People celebrate the arrival of newborn babies, birthdays, anniversaries, completion of studies, new homes, holidays and much more. And we want to mark those special moments with memorable gifts.

When you are giving a gift to someone, it should be relevant to that person. It means you have to get clues on the best gift idea for that person. How do you do it? You can get these hints in conversations when people freely share their wishes and interests. Please take note of their dreams such that next time you have to give them a gift, you choose a gift that makes meaning to them.

Giving a Personal Touch to the Gift

Selecting a gift alone is not enough. Personalise it to make it a memorable gift. When you customise a present, it shows that you took the time to create something unique. You can do this by adding an image or text that matches the occasion. Adding a name is always so good. And handmade gifts are great.

Secondly, personalising a gift adds value to it. A simple gift becomes valuable and luxurious by adding your personal touch. There are many ways of personalising gifts. Wine glasses, for instance, when engraved with beautiful images and text, become more valuable. It makes a memorable gift.

Package It Well Before You Present It

A wonderful gift, when poorly packaged, loses meaning. Wrapping completes your gift idea. Simple presents become treasurable with beautiful wrapping. And creativity in the way you present your gift makes it unforgettable.

There are numerous possibilities for creating an excellent gift presentation. For instance, you can use a coloured gift bag, ribbons, craft papers, etc. Do not forget to include a handwritten note in the gift because it carries your thought and accompanies it. At Goleza Designers Ltd, we have beautiful laser-cut cards with unique designs and customised text, which you can use to deliver your message.

20 Engraved Gift Ideas  Goleza Designers Offers

wood photo album

Wood Photo Album

There are numerous gift ideas, but let’s limit ourselves to those we offer in our business. All our products are customisable by engraving on them. They include the following:

  1. Wood photo albums – customise them to make a memorable gift on all occasions.
  2. Wooden photo frames/acrylic photo frames – present it with a photo for the occasion.
  3. Wood handbags for ladies – unique, elegant, luxurious and make an entirely memorable gift.
  4. Business card holders – these are wooden with beautiful patterns.
  5. Glass covers – different designs from which to select.
  6. Engraved glasses – you can buy drink glasses, and we customise them for you.
  7. Lampshades – we have two types: wooden and heat-resistant plastic lampshades.
  8. Wall art – patterned wall hangings lovely for interior décor.
  9. Desk clocks – these are customisable to suit various occasions.
  10. Wood bottle opener – you can personalise it with an image or text.
  11. Engraved photo – you can laser etch, for example, a wedding photo on wood, anodised aluminium, leather, marble or granite to make a memorable gift.
  12. Wooden key holder / key chains – these can be engraved with a photo. When you give them to a newlywed couple, they can share them with friends and relatives. That’s so great.
  13. Engraved knives – it’s a great gift when you customise them.
  14. Wooden jewellery box – it’s a perfect gift for ladies.
  15. Coaster Set – these are good for placing mugs, glasses and cups on them.
  16. Glass photo stand – a multipurpose gift that suits many occasions, ready to customise and insert a photo in it.
  17. Pocket mirror – This item is a lovely gift idea for ladies.
  18. Pens – wood pens are unique and make a memorable gift on corporate occasions.
  19. Wristband – leather wristbands are a great memorable gift when we engrave photos, text or logos.
  20. Glass containers – these are for keeping items in a home.


Let your gift be marvellous and unforgettable when you think of giving one to someone. A memorable gift is a gift that is appropriate and relevant to the person to whom you are giving it. Personalise it with a personal touch and add value to it. Remember that gifts should be unforgettable but not expensive. And don’t forget that Goleza Designers Ltd is a good source for engraved gifts in Uganda. Get to us for a memorable gift for your next occasion!

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