Drinking glass engraving is a Great Way of Customizing your Glasses – No Doubt!

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drinking glass engraving

Drinking Glass Engraving

Drinking glass engraving is one of the engraving services Goleza Designers offers to our customers in Uganda. Whether you need some decorative artwork or just text on your glasses, we can do it perfectly for you at an affordable cost. We offer the most precise and crystal clear drinking glass engraving in Uganda.

Secondly, we perform every drinking glass engraving job to the best of our knowledge and ability to ensure customer satisfaction. Engraving drinking glasses is not easy because of their round nature. People in the engraving business know how difficult it is to engrave glasses without a rotary attachment. Even with a rotary attachment, it’s really hard to engrave glasses with a handle. But at Goleza Designers Ltd, we have the expertise to engrave all types of drinking glasses. Surprisingly, we do it perfectly with or without a rotary attachment. Most of our clients have always left our shop satisfied with our work.

Why Should You Engrave your Drinking Glasses?

Engraving glasses have several advantages for individuals and businesses. Normally drinkware comes from the factory without any writing. But if you want to customize them, engraving is a great and permanent way of doing it. The following are some of the reasons why you should embrace drinking glass engraving.

#1 – Drinking Glass Engraving is a Perfect Way of Strengthening your Business Brand

Drinkware is a must-have in businesses like bars/pubs, restaurants, hotels, event managers, decorators and others. In Uganda, a few people know the benefits of drinking glass engraving to their businesses. But it is a great way of building your business brand. Effective marketing requires you to create a voice for your company that reflects your brand. For example, if you run a bar, a restaurant or a hotel, integrating your business logo on your glasses is a superb way of building a strong business brand.  To effectively brand your drinking glasses, you can have your business logo, name, tagline or slogan engraved on them. At Goleza Designers Ltd, we help businesses to build their brand by offering professional drinking glass engraving services. We engrave all types of glasses: beer glasses, cocktail glasses, wine glasses, decanters, mugs, bowls and much more.

#2 – Drinking Glass Engraving is a Fantastic Way to Promote your Business

If you are looking for a way to promote your business, think about engraving drinking glasses. Distilleries and breweries can promote their businesses by giving out engraved drinking glasses to their highly valued customers.  They can always consider engraving on such glasses their company name, logo, product and tagline.

#3 – Engraving Drinking Glasses Adds a Personal Touch to your Gifts

Drinking Glass Engraving

drinking glass engraving

Drinking glasses are some of the gifts people give to their friends, colleagues and relatives on special occasions like weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and much more. But if you want to give a memorable gift to someone, thinking about engraved glasses is a wonderful gift idea. By just engraving a name, unique design or special message on the drinking glass gifts, you create lasting memories and unbreakable sentiments. At Goleza Designers Ltd, we help you to add that special personalized touch to your drinking glass gifts. We feature unique engraved memorable gift ideas you will get nowhere else. Our drinking glass engraving quality is always superb.

#4 – Drinking Glass Engraving is a Great Way to Preventing the Theft of your Glasses

Drinking glass engraving is an excellent theft deterrent. If you run a business, where your glasses are at risk of theft, engraving them helps to prevent thieves from taking them.

#5 – Drinking Glass Engraving Adds Beauty to your Drinkware

Your interest may not be in any of the four reasons given above, but you just need to beautify your glasses in your home so that they look attractive. Yes, you can bring your glasses and we decorate them for you. We have quite a good number of floral designs and clipart that make your glasses look beautiful and appealing to everyone. Alternatively, you can add text instead of floral designs. Such text may include and is not limited to inspirational quotes, thoughtful messages, Bible verses, mottos and refreshing words.


If you have a drinking glass engraving job, we provide the clearest engraving in Uganda. We can handle any job in the shortest time. With our laser engraving machine, we etch the glass to produce a fascinating matte effect.

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