Valentine’s Day Personalized Gift Ideas to Surprise your Lover

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valentines day personalized gift ideas

Every 14th of February is a day for lovers worldwide. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Thank God you are still alive to continue romancing with your lover. Thank Him abundantly because you have a lover. Many others don’t have. What Valentine’s Day personalized gift idea do you have for your lover? You’re, again, thinking about giving your sweetheart flowers? I want you this time to put flowers down. Yes, put them down this time to break the monotony because most people consider giving flowers to their lovers. Why? Giving rose flowers has become a norm on Valentine’s Day because rose flowers are associated with love.

Secondly, flowers are easily accessible if you have limited time and have not thought about a special gift. If you want to break the monotony, consider surprising your lover with a Valentine’s Day personalized gift because anything personalized has a high perceived value. Your lover will inevitably know you care because you took the time to work on the present.

What Valentine’s Day Personalized Gift Ideas Can You Consider?

Goleza Designers has a wide selection of unique laser cut or engraved gifts for everyone. With our creative mind, we can help you to make a thoughtful Valentine’s Day personalized gift that will surprise your lover. What we have in mind for you include the following:

Valentine’s Day Cards

happy relationships

Valentine’s Day Cards

We have several types of laser-cut Valentine’s Day card designs from which you can select one to customize with your special romantic message for your sweetheart. We make them from both paper and wood. 

We make card pockets from paper and put the message on the wood where you can express your romance and creativity. To make the card unique and more personalized, you can add an engraved photo of your sweetheart on the wood. Remember that engraved pictures speak a thousand words and appeal to everyone.

Engraved Photo

Did you know that an engraved photo is a unique Valentine’s Day gift? We can engrave a picture on either wood or metal in the size you want. You can put a special message that matches the day on the photo. The cost for engraving the pictures depends on the size and material used. Of course, metal is more expensive than wood because we use AlumaMark aluminium for photos. 

You have to use a good picture with a high resolution for your engraved image to come out well. Phone photos usually have low pixels and don’t make good photos. You can come with either a soft copy or a hard copy.

Love Letter Personalized Keepsake

In your own words and from your own heart, you can tell your sweetheart what they mean to you on our Love Letter Personalized Keepsake. We engrave your message on clear acrylic or wood in a postcard form as in the images below. It’s such a unique Valentine’s Day personalized gift idea not many people think about it.

Engraved Postcard

Wooden Keepsake

valentines day gift

Heart-Shaped Keepsake

Engraved Key Chain

Engraved Photo Key Chains

Engraved Photo Key Chains

An engraved key chain is a small thing but with high perceived value. Personalize it by adding a photo of your lover on one side and putting a romantic message on the other side. That’s all. It’s a lovely Valentine’s Day personalized gift that will surprise your lover.

Other Personalized Gifts

You may have a gift like a watch, a phone, a laptop and much more, which you can bring, and we customize them for you with a name or lovely short message. It also is a good Valentine’s Day gift idea.


If you need to surprise your lover with a unique Valentine’s Day personalized gift, get in touch with us. We shall offer our services to those who make orders early enough because we make our products when ordered.

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