Engraved Photo Key Chains – Secrets about Photo Key Chains Revealed

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engraved photo keyholders

Engraved Photo Keyholders

Engraved photo key chains are some of the unique products we offer to our customers in Uganda. Key chains are what everyone uses to keep keys. But did you know that when you add a photo, it really makes a very big difference? Have you ever thought of it? Well, photos play an important role in our lives because human nature is to remember good times and great people. Photography is one of the mediums of capturing families, friends, occasions and nature in all kinds of settings.  Engraved photo key chains are therefore one of the great ways of showing your memorial images to others.

Discover The Untold Secrets About Engraved Photo Key Chains

Goleza Designers are not just engravers, but creative engravers. We ventured into the engraving business with an aim of providing unique engraved products and engraving services to meet the varying needs of our customers. This is why we all the time bring on the market new products, thanks to our creativity. And these are products and services you rarely find with other local engravers. Photo key chains are a new addition to our product line. There are many ways you can benefit from using them. As engravers who also educate our customers on our products, we would like to reveal to you three ways in which you can use wooden engraved photo key chains.

#1 – Easy Identification of your Keys

Engraved Photo Keychains

Engraved Photo Keychains

Are you tired of losing your keys? You can now make it easier to track your keys with personalized engraved photo key chains from Goleza Designers Limited. Using your favourite image of your childhood, school days, important occasion, your lover, friend, child, pet, wild animals, birds or even a landscape, we can create for you beautifully engraved photo key chains in any design of your preference. Make it easy for everyone to know that these are your keys by adding your photo on the key chains. Additionally, Goleza Designers offers engraved photo key chains with photos of important people across the world. These are photos of people who have indisputably changed the lives of many human beings. They include people of all walks of life: religion, politics, business, science, etc… Customers find them either at our shop or with agents.

#2 – Beautiful Gifts on all Occasions

Looking for a memorable gift? Photo key chains are a great gift idea because photos speak a thousand words. Secondly, they are a medium through which human beings remember good times and great people in their lives. They are therefore a cool gift to your relatives, loved ones and friends. Normally, great things come in small packages. You don’t need to carry big gifts, but you just need to think big with a small memorable gift. It sounds so good when you send a reminder of how special the person is to you. Surprise them with wooden engraved photo key chains personalized with their favourite photos. They will feel so attached to you and recognize that you care about them.

Car Keychain

Car Keychain

#3 – Great Promotional Items

Do you want to market yourself or your business? You no longer need to spend huge sums of money on media advertisements because Goleza Designers gives you an exciting way to do so. It’s as simple as getting your photo engraved on a key chain with some promotional text. These engraved photo key chains are such an effective marketing tool because they enable you to advertise your brand inexpensively. Politicians, artists, consultants, lawyers, superstars, healers, pastors and other personality types of entrepreneurs can use them to market their brand effectively. They can also use these photo key chains as a token of appreciation to their fans, followers, employees or clients.

Features of our Engraved Photo Key Chains

Currently, we work with wood of 6 mm thick to produce all the key chains. They are available in different shapes: oval, round, rectangular and square. But the round shape is the most selling of all the shapes we are able to make. Each key chain has a metallic ring to hold the keys, a 4-chain link attached to the engraved wood by an eye screw pin.


To order the engraved photo key chains, come to our store with your photo either in a hard or soft copy. The original photo should be good enough for the engraving to come out clearly. For more information on the quality of the photo you should bring, please read our guide on photoengraving. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us by Email or WhatApp through our contacts. As long as you send a photo and everything you need to appear on your key chain, we shall produce it and deliver it to you. We deliver across Uganda and payment can always be done easily by Mobile money for customers living upcountry.

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