Laser-cut Wedding Card Designs That Make Your Wedding Stand Out

One of your priority considerations as you plan your dream wedding is wedding invitation cards. You may get your wedding cards from a shop selling finished imported wedding cards. But if you want to build your unique cards, then you will have to use a specialist wedding card designer. And Goleza Designers offers a wide selection of laser-cut wedding card designs, ready for customisation to suit your needs, tastes and preferences.

We have created a wide variety of laser-cut wedding card designs. Coming up with unique designs is one of our most creative areas, where we keep adding new, amazingly unique pieces. In this article, we would like to share with you some of the designs we offer.

Laser-cut Wedding Card Designs

Facts about our laser-cut wedding card designs

Before we jump into our list of card designs, it will be helpful to point out a few facts about our laser-cut wedding cards. These will help you to have a deeper understanding of our work.

First, our laser-cut wedding card designs are customizable

The wedding card designs you will see are to show you what we can do. We work with the client to make changes according to what they need in terms of design, paper colour, card accessories, packaging and much more. It helps you to have uniquely created wedding cards.

Secondly, we determine the card price basing on the design

The cost of each card depends on intricacy the card is. The more detailed the wedding card is the more time it takes to produce it on the laser machine. For instance, a design that takes 2 minutes to cut will not cost the same as one that takes 7 minutes to produce.

Thirdly, you can reduce the card price by adjusting the design

If, for example, your preferred card design takes 7 minutes to produce, but you have a smaller wedding card budget, changing it will reduce its cost.

Fourthly, laser-cut cards need time to produce

Apart from cutting the card design on the laser machine, there are several other tasks to perform using the hands. Tasks like folding, glueing, printing text cards, adding card accessories, and packaging consume a lot of time. As a client, you need to make your order early to allow enough time for making your cards.

Fifthly, our laser-cut wedding card designs have three variations

To satisfy our clients’ different tastes, we can make each card design in 3 variations. These include single-fold card design, double-fold card design and pocket card design.

Rose Flower Wedding Card Design

Single-Fold Wedding Card Design

We create the single-fold card design with one fold in the middle. Normally, the left side has the laser-cut design, and the right side holds the text card.

Double-fold Rose Flower Wedding Card

Double-Fold Wedding Card Design

The double-fold card design, on the other hand, has two folds. Both the left and right sides bear the laser-cut design. The middle part of the card is where we fix the text card. We can spice it up with a paper ribbon around it with the names of both the bride and groom printed or laser-cut on it.

Pocket Rose Flower Wedding Cards

Pocket Card Design

The pocket card design is where you insert the text card into the pocket, which has laser-cut designs. Pocket card designs are so popular among our clients because they don’t have to buy envelopes for packaging the cards.

Sample Laser-cut Wedding Card Designs Available

We have put our laser-cut wedding card designs into two categories: the floral wedding card designs and design wedding card designs.

Our floral wedding card designs depict designs of flowers and leaves we see around us. The most popular of which are roses. Because of the popularity of these roses, we have created several designs depicting their images.

The design wedding card category comprises of unique laser-cut wedding card designs developed out of our imagination and creativity. We have simple designs as well as intricate designs following some pattern.

Category #1 – Floral laser-cut wedding card designs

Let us now look at one by one of each of our floral wedding card designs. The floral designs you see below are not static. Working closely with you, we put some creative thought into how to come up with a card that will please your guest and match your wedding theme as well. We can, therefore, make changes on the card design itself, paper colour, accessories, size and many other aspects. Our ultimate aim is to ensure something satisfactory, unique and appealing to your guests.

Simple Flower Wedding Card Design

Simple Flower Wedding Pocket Card

This simple flower pocket card looks pleasant and elegant. It’s not costly because it takes little time to produce. If you’re planning a minimalist wedding, this is one of the laser-cut wedding card designs that fit in your budget. You can play with the paper colour and card accessories to have a unique card, suitable for your dream wedding.

Small Leaves Wedding Card Design

Small Leaves Laser-cut Wedding Card

The small leaves laser-cut wedding card designs is a double-fold intricate design we can also turn into a pocket. It’s so detailed that it takes not less than 7 minutes to produce on the laser system.

Rose Flower Laser-cut Wedding Card Designs

Our rose flower wedding cards are one of the most popular and selling laser-cut wedding card designs. Because of their popularity, we chose to offer a wide variety of them. We make single-fold, double-fold and pocket styles to meet the varying needs of our clients. They look elegant and appeal to most people.

Rose Flower Leaves Wedding Card Pocket

Big Roses Wedding Card Pocket

Rose Flower Framed Wedding Card

Mixed Flowers Wedding Card

Rose Flowers Wedding Card Pocket

Rose Big Leaves Wedding Card Design

Category #2 – Design wedding card category

As earlier said, in this category, you going to see laser-cut wedding card designs we develop out of our imagination and creativity. Some card designs are so detailed that it takes a lot of time to produce one single card on the machine. But the finished products appeal to many people.

Wheel Design Wedding Card

Wheel Design Laser-cut Wedding Card

We can turn this double-fold card design into a pocket card. It’s a detailed card design that takes not less than 7 minutes to produce on the laser machine. You can personalise it by changing the paper colour, size and accessories.

Other Assorted Laser-cut Design Wedding Cards

The design wedding card category comprises of beautiful wedding cards with no specific pattern. Since our work is mainly designing, we design anything and turn it into an object that appeals to people. Now and again, we come up with intricate designs, which we cut to create immaculate wedding cards that everyone admires. Listed below are some of the card designs we have developed to date, and we shall keep on adding more.

Intricate Wedding Card Design

Window Design Wedding Card

Three Wheeled Wedding Card Design

Detailed Netted Wedding Card Design


From the uniqueness of our designs to the variety of the graphics to the beauty of our cards and the quality of our services, you won’t find better wedding cards on the market than our laser cut cards.

Our laser-cut wedding card designs are customisable. We make them according to the colour, design, accessories and messages of your choice. We emphasise quality and speed when making cards for our customers.

If you’re planning to hold a wedding, look nowhere else for your wedding invitations. Goleza Designers will make you unique and quality invitations for your dream wedding. We also make other types of laser-cut cards like birthday cards, Christmas cards and much more.

Hello! My name is Charles Kiyimba, a creative engraver, a professional teacher, a passionate blogger, a confident graphic/web designer and the founder of Goleza Designers Ltd, an engraving business that turns images into real products. Through my hands-on experience, I share with you free helpful information on our products and services, business, marketing and personal development. Always dive in for more!



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