Is the Mesh Design Wedding Invitation Card Good for You?

Dec 12, 2018 | Engraved Products

Mesh Design Wedding Invitation

When you’re looking for wedding cards for your wedding, I am sure you want cards that will appeal to your guests. One of your first considerations will then be the design. The design you select is important because it gets your guests into the mood of being part of your wedding. Our mesh design wedding invitation card is one of our well designed, most appealing and uniquely styled laser-cut designs. Secondly, it is one of our bestselling laser-cut wedding invitations.

This mesh design wedding invitation card comprises of a network of small squares, just like in the usual wire mesh. It’s these tiny squares that make it look appealing to most people.

Why choose the mesh design wedding invitation card?

If you seriously want a card design that will make your wedding as memorable as possible, this is one of the card designs you shouldn’t miss. This design is not an ordinary wedding card you will find in the shops. It’s a designer wedding card, which we cut with a machine and craft it with our hands.

Like many designer wedding cards, it looks beautiful. The beauty of the card you select for your wedding is important. Because your wedding is such a big event in your life, you need a card that appeals to all your guests. And since the wedding invitation is the first thing that people will notice, it has to be attractive and well designed. The beauty of your card design is therefore something you should not compromise on.

Our mesh design wedding invitation card has a high perceived value because it’s not an ordinary card. We paid a lot of attention to the design and style when creating it in order to give it a unique appearance. If you want a unique and stylish wedding card with a high perceived value, going for this mesh design wedding invitation card is easily the best option.

Which paper color and embellishments do you want?

Every client we receive for wedding cards has their own color preference. Many times they need a paper color that matches their wedding theme. The color combination you select makes a very big difference. It can either spoil or make your wedding cards look cute.

As for the card embellishments, we have personally liked the mesh design wedding invitation card with a wooden butterfly button. Luckily, all the clients we have ever received for this card design have also preferred the butterfly button. It’s beautiful, natural and unique in appearance. Secondly, it is customizable. Usually, we either add the couples’ first names or initials. Thirdly, it has a heart cutout which makes it suitable for the occasion…..LOVE.

What‘s the turnaround time?

To make this card, we need 9 minutes of machine cutting time. It’s a lot of time because the card is so detailed. If you have an order of like 200 cards, we shall need 30 hours of cutting them on the machine. If we run the machine for 8 hours a day, it will take us 4 days just to cut them.

Making laser-cut cards is not all about cutting them on the machine. It also involves fixing the cut papers one by one with our hands. So in addition to the machine cutting time, you also have to factor in the hand making time. An order of 200 cards will take us close to a week to do a good job.

What is the cost of the card?

We charge UGX 3,500/= (equivalent to 0.95 USD) to produce a single card. This is higher than the cost of ordinary cards because the cost of making it is also high. We spend much time cutting the card and also use high quality material.


Are you looking for  custom wedding invites? Going for our mesh design wedding invitation is a very good idea. It’s unique, beautiful, affordable and with a high perceived value. Get in touch with us through our contacts or visit us today to make your order.


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