Rose Flower Wedding Cards – a Favorite Card Design to Many Couples

Rose Flower Wedding Card Design

The rose flower design is one of the many floral wedding card designs we use to make nice looking for wedding invitations. Our rose flower wedding cards attract many couples who come to us for invitation cards for their weddings. People like roses at their marriages because of the pure colourful beauty and pleasant scent they carry with at any event. They, therefore, use them as wedding flowers, wedding bouquets and centrepieces as well.

As card makers, we thought of having wedding invitations designed in the image of roses that match most wedding ceremonies. We, therefore, created the rose flower wedding cards in several designs for our customers in Uganda.

Our laser-cut rose flower wedding cards, as their name suggests, depict the image of roses. We cut them from card papers (card stock) with colours of a wide variety of roses you have ever seen. If you wish to settle for roses for your wedding flowers, then inviting your wedding guests with the Goleza rose flower wedding cards is a good idea.

 Select from 3 Designs of Rose Flower Wedding Cards Available

Most customers come with varying needs. It’s is why we created three different rose flower card designs to meet their tastes and preferences. We have single-fold framed card design, double-fold card design and the pocket card design.

Single-fold framed card design

Rose Flower Wedding Card

These are rose flower wedding cards we make with one fold in the middle. The left side bears the laser-cut design of roses while the right side is for holding the text card. We also call it a framed card design because we make the right side in a way so convenient to insert the text card without using glue. It’s ultimately a no-glue card. It is simple but with a charming look.

We can enhance its beauty by adding laser-cut rose flower pieces from card papers with colours different from the one of the main card. We can make it, for example, with shades of pink, white, red or yellow, depending on the customer’s preference. Alternatively, we can add a ribbon bow tie of the colour that blends well with the main card to make it beautiful.

Double-fold card design

Double-fold Rose Flower Wedding Card

The double-fold rose flower wedding cards, on the other hand, have two folds. We cut the left and right sides with the rose flower designs. The centre of the card is where we fix the text card permanently. Adding a ribbon with a bow tie or a stone in the middle makes this card design look lovely.

Alternatively, we spice the card with a strip around the main card, laser-engraved or printed with the names of the couple. This spicing not only enhances the beauty of the wedding card but also makes it easy to work with the card. You slide the text card out to write or read it and back after that.

Pocket card design

Pocket Rose Flower Wedding Cards

The pocket card design, as the name suggests, resembles a pocket, where you insert the text card. You can conveniently remove the text card from the pocket to write on it and put it back after. Most people like pocket cards because they are convenient. Secondly, they don’t require adding a separate envelope.


If you are planning a wedding, it’s good to build your wedding card ideas around the rose designs. It’s because roses express love, hope, promise and new beginnings, which your wedding is all about. Laser-cut rose flower wedding cards from Goleza Designers Limited are perfect for inviting guests to your wedding. We make them upon getting an order. Always make your order early enough because laser-cut cards take time to produce.

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