Framed Invitation Cards Stylishly Made in Uganda to Fit your Wedding Budget

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Framed Invitation Cards

Goleza Framed Invitation Cards

Framed invitation cards are one of the simple laser-cut cards we make to fit in any wedding budget. Whether your wedding budget is small or big, you can always have these framed invitation cards designed to fit in your budget. They are stylish and unique with a high perceived value. These are cards your guests will give a very high price because of their unique design and style. They appeal to everyone that looks at them.

Why Call Them Simple Framed Invitation Cards?

When we first made these cards, we didn’t have a name for them. We just created them out of our innovativeness. With time, we realised that they attracted mostly people who love smart but straightforward laser-cut invitation cards. We looked for a name to identify them from other card styles. The name that came to our mind was “framed invitation cards” because they have a frame into which we insert the text card.

We refer to them as simple cards because producing them is relatively more straightforward compared to other cards. The time we take to cut them is comparatively shorter. We do not apply any glue to fix the pieces together. Secondly, they are light.

How Do We Make These Framed Invitation Cards?

As already said, our framed invitation cards comprise two laser-cut pieces each: the frame and the text card. The frame is where you insert the text card. It’s this frame that carries the beauty of the card. We creatively design and cut it in any style you want. We cut designs in the card corners or sides to give it an appealing look. The designs are numerous. Your imagination can only limit us. Usually, our framed invitation cards depict designs from plants, birds, animals and any other creatures.

We create the corner designs of these framed invitation cards according to the customer’s preference. Where clients don’t have their choice, we show them various designs we already have for them to make their selection.

These framed invitation cards vary in size depending on the customers’ needs. But the smallest size we make measures 8cm by 12cm and the largest size is around 12cm by 20cm.

Usually, customers select the colour of the papers for their framed invitation cards, especially the colour of the card frame. Where the customers are undecided on which colour to use, we advise them to select colours that match their wedding colour theme.

On Which Occasions Are our Framed Invitation Cards Used?

The Goleza framed invitation cards are suitable for various occasions. At first, our idea was to make wedding invitation cards. But with time, our customers used them on many other occasions. The following are some of the occasions our clients in Uganda have used them most.

Framed Invitation Cards

Big Framed Invitation Cards 12cm by 18cm

#1 – Wedding Invitations

Most of our clients use the large size for making wedding invitations. They don’t strain your wedding budget because they are pocket-friendly. Virtually, any couple can afford to buy these cards.

#2 – Introduction Ceremonies

A good number of people have used them as invitation cards for their introduction ceremonies.

In most cases, such cards are small in size. The most preferred measurement is 8cm by 12cm.

#3 – Expression of Appreciation

These framed invitation cards are fantastic when you use them as Thank You Cards. You can make them, for example, at your wedding to thank friends for their support and participation. Apart from the message you write on them, they speak a thousand words. We can, additionally, design them for you with images depicting your appreciation, for example, a handshake image.

#4 – Sending Congratulation Messages

These simple invitation cards are so splendid for congratulating friends, colleagues and relatives upon their achievements like weddings, completion of studies, newborn baby and much more.

For instance, if you accompany your wedding gift with such a card, your present carries more value. Secondly, the people who receive them feel that you took the time to think about them. They believably perceive your message and gift with a lot of attachment and sincerity.

#5 – Birthday Messages

You can surprise your friends by sending them birthday messages with our framed cards. We can customise them with designs depicting the age in the corners and even add laser-cut text to make them look fantastic.

#6 – Corporate Occasions

Our framed invitation cards are excellent and cost-effective for inviting people to attend corporate events like official openings, essential visits, fun days and much more. We can also customise them with designs that depict the theme of your occasion.

#7 – What else…….?

There are many other applications for our framed invitation cards. Though we named them so, customers have used them in several different situations not related to invitations. The truth is that you can only be limited by your imagination when it comes to when to use them.

Advantages of Using the Goleza Framed Invitation Cards

Through the experience we have with making these cards, clients who use them enjoy the following benefits.

#1 – Cost-Effectiveness

Our laser-cut framed invitation cards are pocket-friendly. I will avoid saying that they are cheap because the word “cheap” may mean to some that they’re less valuable. No, that’s not the point. Though the price is pocket-friendly, the cards themselves have a high-perceived value. The people who receive them give them a higher value than the amount of money you spend on them.

Customers who need so many cards save a lot of money without compromising on the quality. Whether your budget is small or big, you get what satisfies you and what appeals to others. No doubt!

#2 – Unique Designs

The uniqueness of our framed invitation cards lies in their designs. The designs are distinctive and created according to every customer’s needs. We actually cannot display every design because every time we get an order, we change the design. It’s therefore rare to find a design with other cards we have made and sold to people. Why? It’s because every customer picks on their design. Additionally, we also, by our intention, avoid repeating the same designs with our customers. You, therefore, stand the benefit of having your unique design.

#3 – Beautiful Cards

The Goleza framed invitation cards are gorgeous. Their beauty lies mostly in the designs and uniqueness. These are cards you will not find on the Ugandan market with other card makers or sellers. We keep changing the designs.

#4 – Simple Cards

Some people, when they need a card, they prefer simple cards. These are cards that are handy and without envelopes. If you are the kind of person who likes simple but classic things, then our framed invitation cards should be your choice.

Small Framed Invitation Cards

Small Framed Invitation Cards 8cm x 12cm

#5 – Multipurpose Card

The framed cards are versatile.  You can use them on various occasions. You can turn them with ease from one occasion to another as already mentioned above.

As a tip, if you get this card as a guest, please keep it. In future, you can use it as a congratulation card on other occasions. You have to print or write your message and insert it in the frame. For instance, you can use them to accompany your wedding gift with a charming message. Do you see how it works?

What’s the Price of the Goleza Framed Invitation Cards?

Most of our clients will first ask for the price. In Uganda, very few couples organise weddings when they have a big budget. Many depend on pledges and would like to spend minimally on wedding invitation cards. Besides, if you are not careful, you may spend a lot of money on just wedding cards.

We, therefore, designed this card style with our customers’ needs in mind. These cards range from as low as less than a quarter of a dollar. Even the biggest framed invitation cards are about half a dollar. The price varies according to the intricacy of the design and size. The more complex the card designs are the more time it takes to produce one single card. And the time it takes to produce one card on the machine determines its price.

Secondly, people with big orders stand a good chance of having the cards at a giveaway price. Big orders go with more significant discounts.


If you’re organising an occasion on which you intend to invite people, using the Goleza framed invitations cards can save you a lot of money. You will spend less to get valuable invitation cards that will appeal to everyone. They are stylish, unique and impressive.

To order these cards, please visit our shop to have samples designed for you. Alternatively, get in touch with us through Whatsapp (+256-772-327373) or our Contacts here.

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