Discover Low-cost Wedding Card Designs with High Perceived Value!

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Low-cost Wedding Card Designs

Simple Pocket Wedding Invitation Card Design

You are planning your dream wedding, and one of your priority considerations are wedding cards. Although your wedding budget is so small that you cannot afford pricey wedding invitation cards, you need appealing cards. So you need low-cost wedding card designs that will appeal to your guests. If that’s what you’re looking for, then continue reading.

The truth is that you aren’t alone. Most Ugandans organise their weddings on a shoestring budget. There are usually limited resources with which most people work around to come up with a beautiful wedding.

I have received many potential customers looking for affordable wedding cards. One of the things they focus on is the price. Secondly, they also look for invitation cards with excellent and appealing designs.  They, therefore, need moderately priced wedding cards that appeal to everyone. It’s why we have created low-cost wedding card designs to meet the varying needs of our clients.

The price of the laser-cut cards depends on the intricacy of the design and the quality of the card stock paper from which we cut them. Intricate designs are typically detailed. The more detailed the card design is, the more time it takes to produce it on a laser. And the more time we take cutting one single card, the more money we charge for it.

The good news is that our low-cost wedding card designs take less than 2 minutes. Interestingly, these inexpensive wedding cards have outstandingly beautiful designs and styles with a high perceived value. When people look at them, they attach high importance, far higher than their actual cost.

Four Beautiful Low-cost Wedding Card Designs Available

Currently, we have four beautiful cheap wedding card designs. With these designs, you can have your dream wedding card at less than half a dollar (that is, UGX 1,500/=). That’s the least you can have for such beautifully designed wedding cards with a unique style.

Framed Wedding Invitation Card Design

Framed Low-cost Wedding Card Designs

Framed Wedding Card Design

Our framed wedding cards are one of the low-cost wedding card designs with a unique style. These are cards where we cut a designed frame into which we insert the text card. The frame can have any design with a colour the customer likes.

The beauty of the framed type of wedding card is that it is stylish and versatile. As a customer, you have a chance to select any design that pleases you. We then integrate your design into the card. This low-cost wedding card design can, therefore, be personalised to your personality and uniqueness.

Since the card frame itself is already with designs, we, therefore, advise our clients not to add any other decorative designs on the text card. Leaving the text card without them, but just the text, makes it look classic. The standard size is 12cm by 17cm.

Rose Flower Half-fold Wedding Card Design

Wedding Card

Rose Flower Half-Fold Wedding Card Design

Another type of low-cost wedding card design is our rose flower half-fold wedding card. We designed this card in the image of a rose flower. Roses are known worldwide for their scent, flavour and beauty. They have several uses, and one of them is spicing up with romance. They’re so much associated with romance. If you didn’t know, roses say “LOVE”. It’s what inspired us to create a pocket-friendly card that reflects the love couples celebrate on their wedding day.

It’s a one-fold card whose front is laser-cut with rose flowers in a unique style. When you open it, you get to the text card, which we fix onto the main card without glue. To spice it up, you can add a small ribbon. Customers select the colour of both the decorative ribbon and the main card that matches their wedding theme. The standard size measures 12cm by 17cm.

Simple Pocket Wedding Card Design

Low-cost Wedding Card Designs

Simple Pocket Wedding Invitation Card Design

This simple card is one of the low-cost wedding cards designs where you insert the text card in a beautifully designed floral pocket. The front of the pocket has a floral design with its centre designed with a heart in such a way that it has an inner layer of a different colour.

Our simple pocket wedding card is highly customizable. For instance, you can change your heart and put a different image of your choice. Secondly, you select the colour of the card stock papers depending on your colour preference or wedding theme. The standard size is also 12cm by 17cm.

Two-Layered Wedding Card Design

Two-layered Wedding Card Design

Two-layered Wedding Card Design

The two-layered wedding card is one of the most affordable low-cost wedding card designs. It is simple but stylish. We have spiced it up with a simple design whereby the names of the couple on the text card appear in the centre of the design. The left and right sides of both the main card and text card are curved to give it a unique appearance. The text is fixed permanently onto the main card.

You Can Now Get the Cheapest But Valuable Cards for your Wedding

Yes, we desire to make our wedding cards affordable for everyone. We support you to get married, and this is why we’ve created these low-cost wedding card designs from which you cannot fail to make a selection. Wedding cards should no longer scare you. We have the invitation card designs, and we have them in plenty.

If you intend to marry soon, get in touch with us. We shall design for you a low-cost wedding card that will undoubtedly appeal to your guests.

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