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Text Card Design

Text Card Designs

The text card design of wedding invitations is an area many card makers give little attention to. They concentrate most on the main card design and forget the design of the text card enhances the beauty of the entire wedding invitation card. Although the primary purpose of the wedding text card is to convey important information to the guests, how you package it is equally important. You need to wrap it in a way that appeals to your wedding guests.

At Goleza Designers, we value creativity when it comes to text card design. We know that most couples focus more on the main design and less on the text card design because of their limited knowledge. It’s why we have developed different text card designs from which our clients choose.

Tips for Selecting a Good Card Design

Choosing a good card design for your wedding invitations is quite challenging for most couples. But if you’re looking for stylishly designed wedding text cards, Goleza Designers can help you come up with them.

#1 – Style of the Text Card Design.

We have two styles: the classic card design and floral text card design. The traditional design is suitable for both formal and informal weddings because it appeals to all categories of guests. If you are undecided on what text card design to select, using any classic design will not offend anybody.

On the other hand, a floral card design looks modern and striking. It’s a perfect way of expressing your romance with your wedding invitations. Floral designs appeal to many people.

At Goleza Designers, we have built a rich library of both classic and floral text card designs from which you can benefit. All our text card designs are customizable. You can change the colour to match your individual needs.

#2 – Font Styles Are Important

The font you use can break or make your card design. We pay attention to the font types, sizes and weights. The trick here is that we vary the font types, use different font weights and font sizes to spice up the card.

#3 – Paying Attention to Practical Issues

Landscape Text Card Designs

Landscape Text Card Designs

First of all, you need to know the orientation of your card. Is it portrait or landscape? Some portrait designs may not look good if you use them on a landscape orientation. Secondly, we pay attention to the text card dimensions. The text card fits typically into the envelope or card pocket. So it should be slightly smaller in length and width so that it fits in well.

#4 – Photographs Give a Unique Look to your Wedding Cards

Most couples never think of integrating photographs into the text card design. But if you want to give your wedding invitation card a unique look, consider introducing photos onto your text card layout. It does not only provide a modern look to your wedding card, but it also makes it look fresh.

#5 – Color Transforms the Look of your Card

Most card makers in Uganda don’t know how to play with colour to create a unique text card design. You would be surprised by how simple changes to colour on your card design can transform the look and feel of your invitation amazingly.  You can add colour to the graphic designs as well as on the words.


Though we can suggest a text card design for your wedding card, we always bear in mind your interests. Because we design cards for others, we try not to go by what our customers want. Yes, we have the expertise, and we always offer free advice. But since wedding invitations are mainly personal, we don’t want to disappoint you. It’s why we usually work together with you to develop a text card design you like.

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