Wedding Invitation Panel Cards – A Traditional Style with Modern Touch

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Wedding Invitation Panel Cards

Wedding Invitation Panel Cards

Most of the clients we receive fall in love with our laser-cut floral wedding card designs. However, we get people who need simple but classic invitations in Uganda. And the number is now increasing. Most of these clients are from the corporate world. And this is why we decided to revert to the traditional wedding invitation panel cards.

What Are Wedding Invitation Panel Cards?

Panel cards are a traditional style of invitation. These are also known as flat invitations. You can also refer to them as text cards that consist of two, sometimes three layers, of different paper colours. Usually, the first layer is where you print the wedding invitation wording or text.

The layer that backs up the first layer is what is known as the panel card. It’s slightly more significant than the text card, whereby you see its border surrounding the text card. This border makes the card look fabulous and appealing. The panel cards we make are mostly for wedding invitations, hence the name “wedding invitation panel cards”.

As already said, our panel cards are either two-layered (double panelled) or three-layered (triple panelled), depending on the customer’s taste and budget. We advise our clients to select the paper layer colours that blend with their wedding theme.

Sizes of Wedding Invitation Panel Cards

The standard size of our panel cards is 12.5 cm by 19 cm. The text card is slightly smaller, leaving a visible border of about 0.3 cm on the backup panel. But we can make smaller or bigger invitation panel cards than the standard to meet our customers’ interests.

Customised Envelopes Give a Modern Touch to our Panel Cards

Open Standard Envelope

Open Standard Envelope

If you have a limited wedding budget, a panel card alone can be enough to convey your wedding invitation message. However, most people prefer adding customised envelopes. And indeed, panel cards without envelopes are okay for small, simple occasions. But if you’re making wedding invitations, adding them gives them more perceived value. Additionally, they look much better in envelopes.

Closed Standard Envelope

Closed Standard Envelope

We have a wide range of graphics for customising envelopes to suit your occasion and interests. The envelope shape may not be different, but the laser-cut designs are what make them appear modern, unique and appealing. We can add cut them with your personalised wedding initials or any other graphics like flowers, wedding knots, wedding rings and much more.

Why People Love Wedding Invitation Panel Cards

Though panel cards are a traditional style of invitation, people still love them. Through observation and research, these are some of the benefits they have and a reason for people falling in love with them.


Wedding invitation panel cards are simple yet stylish in the way they look. They don’t look glamorous because they don’t have many decorations. They are easy to use.


This card style is also attractive if you get a good wedding card maker. It’s a style that many people in the corporate world love. To enhance its beauty, we use beautiful and unique text card designs.


Wedding invitation panel cards are pocket-friendly. Most people would find them cheaper than other wedding card styles. With a limited budget, you can do away with the envelopes to cut down on your expenditure.

Customized Envelope

Customized Envelope

But if you add customised envelopes, obviously the cost goes up because you will need more materials to make them. Secondly, the making time on the machine and with the hands also doubles.


Panel cards are versatile. Apart from using them as wedding invitations, you can use them on any other occasion


If you want to create simple, less costly and attractive invitation cards, panel cards may be your perfect choice. Get in touch with Goleza Designers to make you your dream invitations. We beat all other wedding card makers in creating beautiful and unique wedding invitation panel cards in Uganda.

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