Pocket Invitation Cards – Things you’ll like about them revealed

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Pocket Invitation Cards

Pocket Invitation Card

Pocket invitation cards are one of Goleza Designers’ best-selling card styles in Uganda. These pocket style invitation cards consist of flat text cards, also referred to as panel cards, with laser-cut pockets in which they’re inserted to produce beautiful invitation cards. We make them from thick heavyweight card paper. Though the sizes vary according to the clients’ tastes and preferences, small-sized pockets of 12.5cm by 18cm are a favourite to most people.

What makes pocket invitation cards appealing is the design of the pockets. The attractiveness and beauty of these cards lie in the way we design the pocket card. At Goleza Designers, we have a wide range of both simple and intricate designs from which our clients choose. Additionally, clients who fail to find one that appeals to them have the option of coming up with theirs. It enables them to have unique invitation cards.

We make pocket invitation cards with two common types of orientation: portrait and landscape. While portrait pocket cards have their height greater than their width, landscape pocket cards have their width greater than their height. The two orientations look great and are popular.

Portrait Pocket Card Design

Portrait Pocket Card Design

Why Should You Love Pocket Invitation Cards?

If you have never fallen in love with pocket style invitation cards, probably it’s because you haven’t yet known the secret in them. And this is why we would like to reveal to you their benefits as opposed to other invitation card styles.

Landscape Pocket Invitation Card

Landscape Pocket Invitation Card

#1 – They’re user-friendly

You will find it so easy to insert and remove the text card from the pocket. There is nothing like struggling to open the pocket if you want to read the text card. We make the pocket in such a way that you slide out the text card to either write on it or read it and slide in after reading. It’s as simple as that. Your guests find it easy to use the card.

#2 – They hold more than items

Pocket invitation cards are great for holding more than just the text card.

Along with your text card, you can throw in anything else you can think of, such as a photo.

#3 – They’re versatile

Pocket style invitation cards are great for invitations of all occasions. In Uganda, they are commonly used to invite guests to weddings. But you can use them on birthday parties, graduation, introduction ceremonies and much more.

#4 – They look beautiful

Rose Flower Leaves Wedding Card Pocket

Rose Flower Leaves Wedding Card Pocket

Pockets look appealing with laser-cut designs. Most people will fall in love with them and perceive them with a higher value. When you add card embellishments like buttons, they look so incredible.

#5 – They’re relatively cheaper

The cost of making one card is moderate compared to other card styles. They usually don’t take many materials to produce them. It makes them comparatively cheaper.


If you need pocket invitation cards for any occasion, visit Goleza Designers Ltd. We know laser-cut pocket invitations better than anyone else in Uganda. We also make card embellishments to beautify them, and we are ever-developing new designs to help you make your dream invitation.

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