Invitation Card Envelopes Creatively Designed to Suit your Occasion

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Invitation Card Envelopes

Invitation Card Envelopes

Occasionally, we receive clients who want custom envelopes for their wedding invitation cards or other occasions. Getting these custom invitation card envelopes is difficult. The ones you find on the market, look-alike in design. They only differ in paper colour and size. But if you’re looking for something unique, probably it’s advisable to look for someone to make you custom envelopes.

Although we make many different types of laser-cut cards, about 95% of the clients we receive are for wedding invitations. And for this reason, I want to focus more on wedding invitation envelopes. If you are planning a wedding and your preference is for wedding invitation panel cards, you may need them. Custom envelopes are likely to meet your satisfaction as far as uniqueness and design are concerned. This post covers all that you need to know about our invitation card envelopes.

First Things First, Choose the Design of your Invitation Card Envelopes

Laser-cut envelopes are great because of the possibility of cutting in them any design you want. For wedding invitation envelopes, we have created several designs that match wedding occasions.

Floral Invitation Card Envelopes

Floral Invitation Card Envelope

We have floral wedding invitation card envelopes. These are envelopes we cut with flowers like roses. Roses are associated with love and appeal to most people. We have a variety of laser-cut designs with which we can make unique envelopes.

Wedding Knot Invitation Card Envelopes

Wedding Knot Invitation Card Envelope

Wedding knot envelopes are another design we make. As the name suggests, these are envelopes with which we cut a wedding knot design. The wedding knot design symbolises the actual knot used in marriage ceremonies. It is also symbolic of a lasting unity.

Wedding Ring Invitation Card Envelopes

Wedding Ring Invitation Card Envelope

We also make wedding ring envelopes. These are envelopes cut with the image of a wedding ring. As you already know, the wedding ring indicates that the wearer is married. The design of the rings undoubtedly matches any wedding ceremony.

Initialed Wedding Invitation Card Envelopes

Initialled Wedding Invitation Card Envelope

Initialled invitation card envelopes have the couple’s initials or names. Many times, couples want personalised envelopes, and these are usually envelopes we make with their initials or names. Choosing this envelope style is excellent as it’s unique for your occasion. We can also add initials to floral, wedding knot and wedding ring card envelopes to personalise them.

Wedding Bells Invitation Card Envelopes

Wedding Bells Invitation Card Envelope

Wedding bells envelopes are another design we make with a laser-cut image depicting wedding bells. They symbolise the ringing of the church bells as the couple walks down the aisle or comes out of the church. We believe that they bring luck and fortune to the newlyweds and are right for your invitation cards.

Unique Envelope Sealing Method

There are several envelope-sealing methods, the commonest of which is where you activate an adhesive strip by application of moisture. We have developed a different user-friendly method for sealing envelopes. This method is whereby we cut a shape from card paper and attach it with glue. We do it in such a way that we leave room for inserting the triangular to lock the envelope.

The shapes we use to seal the envelopes vary in design. It can be a star, a heart, a butterfly or any other design depending on the customer’s preference. Additionally, we use a paper colour that blends well with the colour of the envelope itself and the text card placed inside.

Floral Invitation Card Envelopes

Floral Invitation Card Envelope

The advantages of our sealing method are user-friendliness, uniqueness and beauty. They are user-friendly in that it’s easy to open and close the envelopes. Secondly, they’re unique because we use various button shapes and colours and this sealing method is our invention. These shapes add beauty to the envelopes, which makes them look appealing to your wedding guests.

Custom Sized Invitation Card Envelopes

Most envelopes on the market are made only in industry-standard sizes. Therefore, when purchasing wedding invitation cards, you have to be sure properly sized containers are available. Because of the difficulty in getting custom ones, we decided to make them in any size of your invitation cards.

Advantages of Wedding Cards Inserted in Envelopes

Advantages of Using Envelope

Advantages of Using Envelope

Although envelopes are a traditional method of packaging wedding invitation cards, they have several advantages. These include having reasonable weight for the card, beauty and adding value to the importance of your wedding invitation. Let’s look at them one by one.

Wedding Card Weight

Occasionally, I receive clients who consider the card weight so crucial. These are clients who feel a wedding invitation should be reasonably weighty. And they turn away on cards that are so light even when the design is fantastic.

The weight of the card depends on several factors. It either depends on the paperweight or card size or composition of the invitation. Sometimes, you can have card paper with good weight, but still, you don’t get to feel it when holding them. Similarly, a large card may again weigh so low that you don’t feel it in your hands.

One of the ways to increase the weight of the invitation card is by working on its composition. For instance, adding several layers to the text card improves its weight. And if you package it in an envelope, which we cut from cardstock, the card weight improves significantly. It’s the case with our wedding invitation panel cards.

Adding value to the importance of the invitation

Your wedding invitation message is a special message that you should deliver uniquely. It’s only the person to receive it, who should read it first. And by packaging it in an envelope, you give it more perceived value. Secondly, it’s a sign of respect for the person you’re sending the invitation to.

Beautifying the card

Our invitation card envelopes consist of custom designs, which look beautiful. These designs are unique and appeal to most people.


If you’re planning a wedding and you need custom invitation card envelopes, we can make them for you. We make custom envelopes not only for packaging wedding invitations but also for other seasonal cards like birthday cards, Christmas cards and much more.

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