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Oct 23, 2016 | Engraved Products | 10 comments

custom rubber stamps

Custom Rubber Stamps

Custom rubber stamps are stamps made or done to order by you, the customer. In Uganda, there are numerous stamp makers. Yes, everywhere you go on the streets of Kampala, for example, you see one or two stamp makers. However, most of them do not have the expertise and tools to make quality custom rubber stamps.

Most people in Uganda, who need stamps, are not aware of makers of quality custom rubber stamps. That’s why they bump into street stamp cutters and make their orders. These street stamp cutters make for them rubber stamps that are not commensurate with the image of their companies, organisations or offices. I have visited many offices with rubber stamps that are of poor quality. I have had businesses like banks complaining about the quality of their rubber stamps. They buy stamps, but within a few months, they wear out or produce poor impressions.

When you need a stamp, it’s good to focus on a few things before you make your order. In this article, I would like to point out just a few of them. Why? It’s because I don’t want you to spend your hard earned money and you get disappointed in a short time.

What Are Quality Custom Rubber Stamps?

Quality custom rubber stamps are durable stamps with a clear impression. They could be either self-inking or pre-inked. But since most people in Uganda prefer self-inking rubber stamps, let me focus more on self-inking rubber stamps. And there are several brands on the Ugandan market, the most popular of them being Shiny.

What Should You Look for When Buying a Custom Rubber Stamp?

This question is so important. You need an excellent stamp that you will use a thousand times without giving you a headache. You want a unique rubber stamp, probably with your logo showing clearly. The rubber stamp you make is part of your brand image. To ensure that you get what you exactly need, focus on the following considerations.

1. The Stamp Impression.

Quality custom rubber stamps produce a clear impression. Look for a stamp maker that will make for you a rubber stamp that delivers a crystal clear impression.

2. The Stamp Design.

Not every stamp maker can design for you a quality stamp. Look for a stamp maker who also pairs as a professional graphic designer. He is the one with the ability to create for you quality custom rubber stamps.

3. The Tools Used.

Making stamps is a real business. However, very few stamp makers in Uganda have the right tools for making stamps. Why? It’s because proper tools are very costly. The best tools for cutting rubber stamps are laser engraving machines. Even when one has a laser machine, it depends on the brand to produce quality custom rubber stamps.

4. The Real Stamp Cutting.

Stamp cutting is another important aspect most people don’t know. An adequately cut stamp is one whose letters or images have slanting edges. Why? Because the letters have a firm foundation and will never break when used over and over. But most stamp cutters give a sharp edge to the characters. And characters with such a cutting easily break when put to rigorous usage. Secondly, deep engraving is one of the critical elements of quality custom rubbers stamps.

rubber stamp cutting techniques

Rubber Stamp Cutting Techniques

5. The Stamp Rubber.

The type of rubber used is so crucial for producing quality custom rubber stamps. The rubber must be stable and flat on top and bottom. Not every stamp maker in Uganda uses quality rubber for cutting stamps. The recommended rubber for making self-inking stamps is Delrin.

  1. The Functionality for Which You Need the Stamp

There is a wide selection of custom rubber stamps such as photo, address, signature, date and others.  You should find a stamp maker with the ability to design a rubber stamp that perfectly matches your intended purpose. Secondly, find someone with the expertise and experience to advise you on the stamp model to use. It’s when you will have a stamp that will display any message you need with clarity and legibility.

7. The Turnaround Time.

This aspect refers to the time taken to execute the order. It’s essential, especially where there are big orders. Institutions like banks make big stamp orders and need the work done in the shortest time possible. You should put consideration on a stamp maker with the ability to do the job correctly in a short time.

8. Security

Stamps can be designed with security features to prevent forgery. Additionally, cutting stamps from street stamp cutters is dangerous for your protection in the business. It’s always good to make stamps from well established professional stamp makers.

9. Customer Support.

Stamp users need support from their suppliers on proper handling and maintenance. You can always get this information from professional custom rubber stamp makers.

10. Durability.

You need a stamp that you will use to produce thousands of impressions without wearing out. Not every stamp you see can do this. It is, therefore, recommendable to order your stamps from experienced professionals. It’s where you get durable custom rubber stamps.

Finally, as you plan to make your custom rubber stamps, the above points are essential as far as quality, durability, security and customer satisfaction are concerned. If you put them into consideration, you will never regret it.  Do you have any questions? Please use the comment section below to ask your question.

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  1. Nick jonnes

    Do you do company seal?

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Yes, we do.

  2. Tom

    I need fast dry ink stamp for plastic and glass

    • Charles Kiyimba

      Thank you for getting in touch with us. However, we don’t have a stamp for plastic and glass. We specialise in office stamps.

      • pius

        How much do you charge for agood shany stamp?

        • Charles Kiyimba

          We have two brands of stamps: Shiny and Brother. The cost of Shiny rubber stamps ranges from UGX 35,000 to UGX 120,000 depending on the size, function and machine type. And the cost of Brother stamps ranges from UGX 45,000 to UGX 150,000 depending on size. But the normal medium-sized Shiny stamp with an adjustable date is UGX 55,000.

      • Muwonge

        Your contact plz

        • Charles Kiyimba

          WhatsApp – +256772327373

    • Khaukha

      How can I access your office

      • Charles Kiyimba

        The office is located at Equatorial Shopping Mall, Room 607.



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