Be Careful When Buying Adjustable Date Stamps!

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Adjustable Date Stamps

Adjustable Date Stamps

Adjustable date stamps are self-inking rubber stamps that have a factory-made date. You have to change it every day before you use it. You make the date adjustment in three ways: the date, month and year. While the rubber stamp date is changeable every day, the month and year are not.

Adjustable date stamps are available on the market in several different brands, i.e. Ideal, Trodat, Cosco, Ultifast and Shiny. But the most well-known brand in Uganda is Shiny. Shiny is a good brand, which is available nowadays in almost all stamp shops.

In Uganda, adjustable date stamps are the favourite. Many people prefer stamps that have a date. However, not all rubber stamps should have them because there are situations where it is not necessary. Next time, we shall discuss when to use and when not to use a date stamp. In this post, let us limit ourselves to why you need to be careful when buying adjustable date stamps.

Buy Adjustable Date Stamps You Will Use for Many Years

Date stamps, as already said, come with a date, month and year that you adjust when you want to create an impression on a document. The part you must pay attention to is the YEAR. Usually, the stamp is usable for up to 10 years. For instance, a stamp manufactured in 2019 will run up to 2029 because it will have only 10+ years of date bands. After that period, it expires even if it’s still in good condition. When such a situation happens, then you buy another one.

What that implies is that when buying adjustable date stamps, you must pay special attention to the date bands. How many years are you going to use it? If, for example, you buy a stamp manufactured in 2012 and we are in 2019, it means you will use it for three years, and it expires. And when it expires, you have no other option but to buy another one even if it is still working correctly.
But if you buy a stamp with a date band starting from 2018, you are sure to use that stamp for ten years to come. Checking the expiry date is so important because it helps you to save money. When you don’t check properly, you risk buying a stamp that you’ll use for a short time, and it expires.

Buy Your Adjustable Date Stamps from Professional Stamp Engravers

Adjustable Date Stamp Impressions

Adjustable Date Stamp Impressions

When you’re buying date stamps, it’s recommendable to buy from professional engravers other than from stamp shops. Most stamp shops only sell stamps. They don’t engrave. What happens is that these stamp shops stock rubber stamps and remain with them over a long time.
For instance, if a shop imported stamps in 2012 and they still have them this year, it means those stamps are likely to expire in 2022. That means that if you buy them now, you will not use them beyond 2022 because they will have expired.

Most stamps shops don’t want to lose money. What they do is to cut the stamp price to attract people to buy them. And many times, street stamp makers will buy them and resell them to customers. So you have to be extra careful.
But when you buy from a professional engraver, you will get the right stamps that have many years of usage. Professional stamp engravers don’t stock stamps the way stamp sellers do.

For instance, we make all the stamps on order, and we only stock them when we receive an order. When we get an order, we make sure we, as a good practice, check the expiry date so that we sell good adjustable date stamps to our customers.


As I wind up, I would like to remind you once again that when you are buying adjustable date stamps, mind about the expiry date. Secondly, buy from established and professional engravers. Do you plan to buy professionally engraved stamps? Get in touch with us to quickly order custom stamps!

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