Do You Know The Importance of Custom Date Stamps?

Jan 13, 2019 | Engraved Products

self-inking stampsThe importance of date stamps cannot be underrated, especially when it comes to using them on official documents in government offices, organisations and businesses. Generally, we use stamps for authentication purposes. We also use them to keep track of records and for control purposes. With stamps, it’s easy to conveniently personalize documents with logos, signatures and many others without wasting time.

Most rubber stamp customers we receive in Uganda prefer date stamps, also known as adjustable date stamps. These are stamps with a provision of a date that you keep changing.

Why are custom date stamps important?

These date stamps are so important in several ways, but the most obvious one to the user is convenience. In most government offices, institutions organizations and businesses, affixing a date stamp is a requirement because there may be some legal implications relating closely to dates.

To write a date manually on each and every document is hard. It requires a lot of effort and energy. Additionally, it wastes a lot of time. But with date stamps, the whole process becomes so easy. You can stamp hundreds of documents in a very short time. But if you have to write the date manually, it can take you days to finish the task.

Be careful when using date stamps….!

When using date stamps, you must be careful because there may be legal implications pertaining to dates. This means you have to be cautious as you affix a stamp on an official document.

Many times, users forget to change the date to reflect the actual date of stamping the document. Well, this could be acceptable under normal circumstances. But should there be any situation that may require taking the document to courts of law, that’s where you will have problems.

Do you really need a date stamp?

Adjustable Date StampsAs I have already said, most people in Uganda order for date stamps. But do they really need date stamps? This is a question you should ask yourself before ordering for a stamp.

To determine whether you need a date stamp or not, you need to look at the nature of the documents you work with in your office. There are offices that need date stamps because of the nature of their work. For instance, paid stamps, received stamps and the like should bear dates for tracking purposes.

But there are also offices that don’t need date stamps. For instance, if most of the documents you deal with have dates printed on them, affixing a date stamp is not necessary. Why? It’s because it’s not prudent to have two dates affixed on the document: one printed and another stamped. Secondly, it can cause a great risk. If by mistake the stamp date does not match with the printed date on top of the document, it can cause issues in situations where you have to use the document in courts of law.

So what should you do then…?

My advice is that if you discover that a date stamp is not necessary, use one without a date. For example, in my business I have not yet come up with a situation where date stamps are necessary. This is because on my receipt book and other documents, there is a provision for writing the date manually. All what I need is to add a stamp without a date just to authenticate the receipt and/or document next to where I have put my signature. What about you?


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