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create your laser cut custom signage with GDL, including letters & logos, labels & decals, dimensional letters, etc...

Turning Images Into Real Objects

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Welcome To Goleza Designers Limited

our laser cut custom signage making capability takes on any project from idea to completion

Laser cut custom signage is a great way of drawing attention to your business. We can take any project from idea to completion and to the satisfaction of our clients.

With our laser system, we engrave and cut multiple materials, including acrylic, wood and plastics to create one-of-a-kind sign designs that keep our customers coming back for more. We make signs for both indoor and outdoor use.

laser cut custom signage

which type of laser cut custom signage do we create?

We create a wide variety of signage, including and not limited to:

  • Letters and Logos
  • Dimensional Letters
  • Labels and Decals

Letters and logos

engraved logo

Do you have an intricate logo you want to engrave and use it in your business or organisation? We can engrave and cut that logo and letters in seconds from coloured acrylic, wood and plastic, providing a truly custom look to any sign.

We give a professional finish to your signs in the colors and font of your choice. Our logos and letters are so appealing to anyone and are ideal for improving your brand image.

dimensional letters

dimensional letters

Laser cut dimensional letters are a great way to convey your message and to promote your brand. With our laser system, we can quickly cut 3D letters from acrylic, wood and plastics with the quality that is unsurpassed in the industry.

With a wide range of paint finishes, we can create elegant and visually striking effects for your dimensional letters and logos that you can integrate into your laser cut custom signage for both interior and exterior use.

labels and decals

engraved barcode labels

Our laser cut custom ID Labels and Bar Code Labels are used to mark and identify fixed assets in institutions and businesses like schools, NGOs, local governments, hospitals, hotels, etc... Assets like furniture and computers should be clearly identified with Asset ID Labels with or without Bar Codes.

At Goleza Designers Ltd, we offer a large selection of Bar Code Labels, including tamper resistant labels, that are ideal for effective fixed asset identification, security control and inventory management.

For more information on laser cut custom signage, please get in touch with us through the contacts on our Contacts Page. We'll serve you to your satisfaction.

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