Borehole Labels Made from Durablack Aluminum are Unbeatable in Quality

Borehole Labels

Durablack Borehole Label

Since we started our engraving business, we have received several orders for making borehole labels. In many cases, these are orders from borehole construction companies and NGOs that sponsor the construction of boreholes in rural areas with donor funds.

Initially, we were engraving these borehole labels from ordinary aluminium sheets, supplied around Kampala. These sheets usually come in sheets of 4 feet by 2 feet. Suppliers in Kampala have it either in silver or gold colours. To produce the labels from this ordinary aluminium, we deep etch it with a router and then apply colour in the etched areas. The name usually comes out with your artwork in the colours of your choice.

These are the kind of borehole labels you will get from the majority of the engravers in Uganda. Though they’re relatively cheaper, they’re not of the quality I would recommend. But if your budget is small and you’re not a person of detail, they serve the purpose. If you mind about the quality of the engraving, then Durablack aluminium should be your #1 choice.

Durablack aluminum makes high quality borehole labels

Ordinary Aluminium Borehole Label

Ordinary Aluminium Borehole Label

Having used the ordinary aluminium and found out that the quality of the engraving was still lacking, we researched to find out better engravable material. We discovered Durablack aluminium. It is a high quality, thin and strong metal that produces high-resolution results. It’s so good for outdoor usage. It’s black and engraves a bright silver-white colour.

Though Durablack is an excellent engravable metal, it’s not readily available on the Ugandan market. At Goleza Designers, we have it on special orders from abroad. The sheets come in sizes of 10 inches by 20 inches. It’s more expensive than ordinary aluminium.

Why Should You Use Durablack for Borehole Labels?

There are several reasons why we recommend Durablack for making borehole labels. They include the following.

#1 – Quality engraving


Borehole Labels

Durablack Borehole Label

Borehole labels from Durablack aluminium have the most precise engraving. Even the tiniest character or graphic comes out clearly. It is possible because we engrave it directly with a CO2 laser machine unlike labels from ordinary aluminium where we etch with a router. The engraving is so smooth that you don’t even feel it by passing your fingers onto it. It’s so impressing that all our customers go away satisfied.

#2 – Strength and durability

Borehole labels made from Durablack are far stronger and durable. They’re scratch resistant and can withstand harsh conditions. They’re resistant to sunlight, abrasion, high temperatures and chemical exposure. Durablack’s strength and durability make it the most suitable metal for making outdoor signage.

On the other hand, ordinary aluminium is not scratch resistant. Secondly, the colour we add to the etched areas is subject to wearing out due to sunlight and chemical exposure.

#3 – No adding colour

Ordinary Aluminium Borehole Label

Ordinary Aluminium Borehole Label

With Durablack, we don’t add colours after engraving. We engrave, and your artwork will be uniformly in a silver-white kind of colour, which looks fantastic. The engraving will always remain the same year after year without fading.

#4 – Thin and attaches firmly onto the borehole

The borehole labels we make from Durablack are as thin as 0.020 inches thick (0.508mm). When you fix it onto the borehole, it attaches firmly with the proper application of strong glue such as superglue. It bonds so well with another metal and separating the two is so hard.


If you need high-quality borehole labels, we made it easy for you. We have researched and found Durablack to be the best metallic material for making such smaller outdoor labels. Usually, we make them in sizes of 15cm wide by 10cm high, good enough to fit appropriately on boreholes. Contact us to make your order or to get more information.

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