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Hundreds of designs of wooden laser cut earrings are available

Turning Images Into Real Objects

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unique laser cut earrings with nice designs made from hardwood

Our laser cut earrings are a new innovation in Uganda. They are unique both in design and quality. They are so beautiful and eco-friendly. They are made from wood and acrylic, in images depicting many living and non-living things.

These stylish laser cut earrings are a very good addition to any modern lady's jewelry. They can be worn on all occasions and are available in different colors and sizes of your choice.

Animal earrings

laser cut animal earrings

We share with you a variety of high quality laser cut earrings depicting images of animals found in Uganda and across the world.

botanical earrings

laser-cut botanical earrings

Our attractive laser cut earrings in the botanical category are made from natural and attractive designs depicting images of various plants found on our planet.

wood birds earrings

laser-cut birds earrings

We bring to you a wide range of both domestic and wild birds species found in Uganda and other places through our nice wooden laser cut birds earrings.

design earrings

laser-cut design earrings

This design category comprises of some of our unique and best selling laser cut earrings creatively designed to give our customers the value for your money.

aquatic earrings

laser-cut aquatic earrings

We also have available laser cut aquatic earrings that depict creatures we find in the seas, oceans, lakes and rivers.

geometric earrings

laser-cut geometric earrings

Find laser cut earrings from our best-selling creative graphic designs consisting of geometric shapes

religious earrings

laser-cut religius earrings

Are you a Catholic, Moslem or a Protestant? Laser cut earrings depicting images of your faith could be ideal for the different religious occasions you attend.

insects earrings

laser-cut insects earrings

Insect lovers can also find beautiful laser cut insects earrings, which include both edible and non-edible insects found in Uganda and other countries.

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