2016 Business Roundup for Goleza Designers Ltd – What Next?

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We are, indeed, happy to come up with this end of year post, which we have entitled “2016 Business Roundup for Goleza Designers – What next? First of all, we would like to thank all our esteemed customers countrywide for the business they have given us throughout 2016.

2016 has been a year of significant challenges with little business activity in Uganda. Those who are in business will bear witness to us. However, we have been able to survive the strong wave thanks to our customers’ willingness to bring business to us. The first months were so harsh to the business community. Why? It’s because of the uncertainty of the outcome of the elections in the country. It slowed down business in the entire region. The dollar rates skyrocketed. Food became scarce in many areas due to extended drought. It led to an increase in the cost of living.  All of these were significant challenges.

Secondly, we also want to thank our business blog readers. Thirdly, many thanks go to our followers on social networks like Facebook, Linkedin, Google+ and Twitter. You made us proud. Yes, you energised us, indeed. We wouldn’t be making those great posts if you were not reading our writings and making lovely comments. And we’ve also learnt a lot from them. Besides, you have referred potential customers to us. We are so appreciative.

Critical Issues in Our 2016 Business Roundup

In this 2016 Business Roundup, we would like to first review what we’ve achieved. Secondly, we shall look into what we intended to do for our customers in 2017. There is no doubt that we obtained great achievement in the areas of product development and customer education.

Product Development

Despite numerous challenges, Goleza Designers continued to be innovative in the engraving industry. We chose to do our work differently. Even with the usual engraving services, we beat most of our competitors when it comes to quality and having unique designs. We introduced a variety of products and services, some of which were new on the market. These included and were not limited to:

  1. Brother pre-inked stamps
  2. Self-inking stamps
  3. Company seals
  4. Asset marking services
  5. Identity cards (both printed & engraved)
  6. Laser-cut Cards, i.e. Christmas cards, wedding invitation cards, birthday cards and many other types of seasonal greetings cards.
  7. Wooden bags
  8. Engraved key holders (key chains)
  9. Lampshades (both wooden and plastic)
  10. Wooden earrings for ladies
  11. Wall art cut from wood for decoration purposes
  12. Engraved photo frames
  13. Photo Albums
  14. Business card holders (patterned and living hinge business cards holders)
  15. Wooden buttons
  16. Signage engraving
  17. Laptop customisation
  18. Phone cover engraving
  19. Glass etching
  20. Photoengraving
  21. Foundation stone engraving
  22. Plaque Engraving (from material like wood, acrylic, metal)
  23. Award Engraving

Customer Education

Goleza Designers is not just for business. But it’s also one of our goals to educate others. That’s one of the few things we can give to the community freely. And it’s one of our corporate responsibility. We want others to learn how to start and run profitable businesses using proven ways of marketing both online and offline. We do this through two primary channels, which include:

1. First, through blogging

First, we started a business blog at the beginning of the year. On this blog, we post information about our products and services, business in general, marketing and personal development. We try to support our customers on how to use our products and services.

Additionally, we educate others on business success through acquiring business skills, marketing skills and personal development. This blog is for everyone, especially if you are in business or if you intend to start one in future. We give practical information based on our experience and skill.

2. Secondly, through Social Networking

Social networks came to stay. Why? Because it’s a massive part of our lives. We use it on our mobiles and desktops. It’s how we communicate nowadays, and it provides us with valuable connections. Besides, it enables trust among ourselves. Over 70% of our potential clients are likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. That’s great. If one is not on Facebook, he is on Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ or any other social network.

People are on social networks for fun, business, and getting new connections. In Uganda, it’s hard to find a modern youth who isn’t on any of the popular social networks. Most Ugandan are there for getting friends to make fun of. But we are on them for friendship, fun, marketing and educating others. We want the youth to enjoy the fun while getting useful information that will help them to succeed in life.

2016 Business Roundup

2016 Business Roundup

Plan for 2017

We are looking at the year 2017 as yet another year of more significant achievements. First, we intend to consolidate the accomplishments we made in 2016 by offering quality services to our clients. It’s because we always want our customers to get satisfied.

Secondly, we intend to introduce on the market new laser engraved/cut products. We plan to bring on the market at least four new products so that we make Goleza Designers a one-stop centre for engraved and personalised gifts.

Thirdly, we believe in teaching others a few things we’ve learnt. Our ultimate aim is to help people out there, especially the youth, to start and run successful businesses. To achieve this goal, we shall continue to post useful and educative information on our blog for success-oriented people to benefit from it.


As we wind up this Goleza Designers 2016 business roundup, we would like to wish everyone, especially our existing/potential customers and readers a fruitful 2017. Let Goleza Designers be a place for all your engraved products, personalised gifts and engraving services throughout the year. Happy New Year!


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