Goleza Designers Blog 2019 End Of Year Roundup

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Goleza Designers Blog

It’s four years since we created Goleza Designers Blog and hosted it. It has been a long journey, characterised by lots of learning experiences. As we begin 2020, I would like to share with our followers some of the experiences we have gone through to establish our business online.

Where We Came From

The idea of creating a business website came to mind when I ventured into a small home business dealing in office stamps. One day, I developed the notion of establishing this stamp-making business online. However, I didn’t have enough knowledge of web designing, but I had some knowledge of graphic designing. I had, therefore, to look for a professional web designer that could design for us a website. It was at the beginning of 2011. I came across several web designers. Unfortunately, they were charging me more than I was willing to pay for the service. Besides, I realised that after designing the website, I had to develop it. I could not do it without any web design knowledge. And hiring an expert to do it for us was damn expensive and not convenient. Therefore, I opted to learn web designing.

After getting the basics of designing websites using HTML, I built a simple site called golaserengraving.com. Learning web designing opened my eyes to online business. I came across online marketers from various countries, who eventually became my friends. They helped me and are still doing so to learn new online marketing tricks. I established an online business with a website I named cashwithgoleza.com at first. This website was purely for marketing affiliate products where I earned a little money in the form of commission.

Golaserengraving.com vs Cashwithgoleza.com

Goleza Designers Website

Goleza Designers Website

Golaserengraving.com is our official website, which I utilised to learn web design by coding using various programming languages. Cashwithgoleza.com (Great Home Business Ideas) is a site I used to practice the online marketing skills I learned over the years.

I launched the Great Home Business Ideas blog on 9th June 2011. I loaded it fully with affiliate programs recommended to me by several online marketers. Having created the blog, I embarked on a serious marketing campaign. The following are some of the online marketing techniques I used and we still use to promote Goleza Designers Limited online:

  1. Article marketing

I wrote over 140 blog posts on business and internet marketing, which I posted on the Great Home Business blog and other websites.

To date, we have over 300 blog posts on Goleza Designers Blog, which have made us have a strong presence on the internet.

2. Forum Marketing

I contributed to online marketing forums like warriorforum.com, imtalk.org and digitalpoint.com.

3. Social Media Marketing

I used mainly Facebook and Twitter to drive traffic to my blog.

4. SEO Marketing

I learned to search for keywords where I could rank high in the search engines and use them in the articles I wrote.

Our Achievements in the Past 4 Years

When I established our official website for Goleza Designers Ltd, our engraving business, we resolved to close Cashwithgoleza.com to concentrate on one website. We officially opened golaserengraving.com in December 2015.

Building Goleza Designers Blog has not been easy. We have invested a lot of time and other resources to develop it. To date, our website comprises the main website we decided to maintain because it reminds us of our origin. It’s also a showcase of our knowledge and skills in web design. We’re proud of it because it’s a fast-loading site with all the pages optimised for search engines.

Our website also comprises a blog (Goleza Designers Blog). This blog section promotes our company online. Indeed, it has brought us good business, and the future is bright for Goleza Designers Ltd. We’re enjoying good online exposure, thanks to the marketing skills we have acquired over time.

Since we started Goleza Designers, one of our achievements has been having a significant online presence. We started small with no budget to invest in marketing our business. Because of that, we opted for internet marketing because we had the knowledge and skills to do it. Fortunately, this strategy is getting more effective for the type of business we operate. Most of the new customers get to know us from browsing the internet. This trend is not by luck. It’s because of our effort.

The second achievement is coming up with unique engraved products. We have developed several new products with which many of our clients have fallen in love. We make custom awards, wedding cards, signage, name tags, asset tags, industrial labels, rubber stamps, seals, wooden bags, photo frames and albums, gifts, wall art, lampshades, keychains, etc.

Way Forward

Goleza Online Shop

Goleza Online Shop

Our next step is establishing an online shop, which we shall name Goleza Online Shop. We have started working on it, but because it’s a big project, it will take us some good time developing it from the backend before we finally make it live to the public, hopefully before the end of 2020. With this online shop, our clients shall buy or order engraved products and services from the comfort of their offices or homes at affordable prices. Just watch out!

Contact Us

Equatorial Shopping Mall, Suite 607

Plot 37/39, William Street, Kampala

Call: +256 – 703 – 779 889

WhatsApp: +256 – 772 – 327373

Email: info@golaserengraving.com

Goleza Shop

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